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We’re excited to announce the release of ComponentOne Studio for Xamarin 2019 v1, which includes many enhancements to the suite.


New animations have been adding to the grid including a rip animation when a user long presses over a column as well as a following repositioning animation as the user drags a column or row to reorient it.

A new Export feature allows you to easily export your data to text, CSV, and formatted HTML.

New animations in FlexGrid


Radial Gauge - Added a property that allows you to reverse the Radial Gauge’s direction. Rather than draw clockwise for 0 to 360, you can now have it draw counter clockwise from 360 to 0.


All Input control now support Right To Left(RTL Support) which is important for localizing certain languages, such as Arabic. Layout direction can be changed by setting FlowDirection for any Input control.


Added better support for cross platform vector graphics via C1PathIcon. Using this path data that can easily be resized or colored within your app.

Better support for cross platform vector graphics via C1PathIcon

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