New ComponentOne Branding

You may have noticed a new look across all GrapeCity products! We've updated all of our developer solutions product lines to better reflect the full family of products. Over the next year, we'll continue integrating the new brand into ComponentOne's demos, documentation, and installers, and improve the UX and performance, as well.

Xamarin controls

.NET Standard Support

We rolled out some .NET Standard support in our last hotfix, but we’re taking it a step farther for the v1 release. In addition to targeting .NET Standard 1.1 for our controls, we’ve updated our samples to use .NET Standard projects instead of PCLs. Now that Xamarin.Forms 2.4 fully supports .NET Standard, we expect that the platform will quickly move in this direction, and we’re excited to be at the forefront!

New Sunburst chart

The hierarchical sunburst chart is now available across all FlexChart platforms.

Sunburst chart:

Sunburst chart

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FlexChart gains a many customization options in this release with Annotations, LineMarkers, Panning and Zooming, custom chart elements, and custom tooltips.


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Documentation: Annotations | Zooming and Panning | Line Markers


Pull-to-Refresh is now available in Xamarin.Forms as well as a new add new row feature for easily adding additional data to your datasource.


Xamarin controls

Documentation: Pull-to-Refresh


We’ve updated the FullScreen mode for our input controls for more intelligent interactions with the software keyboards of mobile device. FullScreen mode makes it much easier to ensure that the editable header and dropdown items in your AutoComplete, ComboBox, or DropDown control are in always view.

Xamarin controls

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We’ve added new editing features to our CollectionView control to make it easier to interact with and update an attached datasource, and we’re including a new SQLiteDatabase sample to demonstrate how you can easily use these editing features to update your local database using the C1CollectionView and FlexGrid.

Also, we’ve added support for Xamarin.Mac to the C1CollectionView, and we’re providing a set of CollectionView101 samples to show off using the control. Let us know if you have interest in more Xamarin.Mac controls in the future!

CollectionView for Xamarin.Mac:

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Xamarin: New project template for Xamarin.Forms, X.iOS, X.Android

Project templates will make starting new project templates significantly easier by cutting down the amount of code required before users can interact with controls. The template comes preloaded with NuGet packages and control renderers already initialized.

Project templates:

Xamarin controls

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Xamarin C1Weather sample

This sample uses OpenWeatherMap API to pull data to display in Chart and Grid:

C1Weather App:

C1Weather App

Get the demo: iOS | Android

Past Releases

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