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IGanttOptions Interface

Defines [[Gantt] options


  • IGanttOptions


Optional data

Specifies instance of data manager.

Optional end

end: string

The column defines the end date of gantt task

Optional headerHeight

headerHeight: number | ItemHeightFunc

Specifies header height

Optional id

id: string

The id of gantt column

Optional labelFn

Specifies label formatter

Optional parentID

parentID: string

Specifies id of parent task

Optional percentComplete

percentComplete: string

The column defines the complete percentage of gantt task

Optional predecessorID

predecessorID: string

The column defines the gantt task processing line

Optional readOnly

readOnly: boolean

If set Gantt chart is non interactive.

Optional rowHeight

rowHeight: number | ItemHeightFunc

Specifies row height

Optional scale

scale: number

Pixel unit of bottom span in the time label. Can be a decimal

Optional start

start: string

The column defines the start date of gantt task

Optional text

text: string

The column renders the text on gantt task body

Optional timeLineScale

timeLineScale: TimeLineScale

Enumerates the value of "hour", "day", "week", "month", "quarter", "year" to define the date label of gantt. The default value is "week"