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ITimelineGroupingOptions Interface

Defines TimelineGrouping options


  • ITimelineGroupingOptions


Optional axisLocation

axisLocation: AxisLocation

Specifies location of the timeline axis. There are three values: left, middle, or right. Default value is 'middle'

Optional defaultGroupingInfo

defaultGroupingInfo: Partial<IGroupDescriptor>

Specifies default options of data grouping

Optional groupHeaderLocation

groupHeaderLocation: "top" | "onAxis"

Specifies location where the group header is placed. There are two values: 'top' or 'onAxis'. Default value is 'top'

Optional gutter

gutter: number

Specifies horizontal distance between content and the timeline axis. Default value is 13

Optional intervalDistance

intervalDistance: number

Specifies vertical distance between the previous item and the current item. Default value is 15

Optional localeResource

localeResource: ILocaleResource

Specifies localization strings that can be overridden