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Tables organize the data in structured rows and columns, which makes managing and analyzing a group of related data easier. GcDataViewer supports the display of Tables in XLSX and SpreadJS (SSJSON and .sjs) files.


Managing Table Data

In spreadsheet documents, business data such as financial records, transaction details, sales data sheets, employee records, etc. are often stored in Tables. Regardless of the size or nature of these datasets, you may need to focus on specific data for your analysis. Sorting and filtering can make it easier to read, search, focus, and understand the data as needed.

With the Professional License, GcDataViewer supports interaction with the Tables and allows you to Sort, Filter, and Slice the data as needed using Sort & Filter button and Slicers.

The following GIF image illustrates the working of the Sort feature.


The following GIF image illustrates the working of Filter feature.


Note: In the XLSX or SpreadJS (SSJSON and .sjs) file, the filter icon appears in the header row of the selected Table. If Table does not have a header, then Filter icon shows no effect.

For information on sorting and filtering, see Sorting and Filtering.