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    Data Validations
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    GcExcel Java allows users to validate cell data via putting a control on its data type, information format and value. You can create separate validation scenarios for a single cell or a range of cells based on your requirements.

    With the help of data validation feature, you can execute the following operations in the spreadsheets :

    You can use the data validation feature in GcExcel Java to ensure users enter only the valid values into a cell while working in a spreadsheet.

    For instance, let's say you have a worksheet where you want users to enter only whole numbers between 1 to 15. To accomplish this, you can create a data validation rule that restricts users to enter cell values other than a whole number between 1 to 15. You can even create custom dropdown lists to specify the possible values that can be entered in the cells or display messages or error alerts to validate the data and get notified if there is something wrong with the information entered in the worksheets.

    Applying data validations in worksheets involves the following tasks.