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    License Information
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    Types of Licenses

    GcExcel Java supports the following types of license:


    When you download GcExcel Java for the first time, the product works under No-License i.e Unlicensed mode with a few limitations, that are highlighted below.

    Maximum time of opening and saving Excel files

    Every time a user runs an application, he/she can open or save up-to 100 excel files using GcExcel Java.

    Note that this limitation is triggered every time when users run the program, so that they can continue to open or save another 100 times after they restart their application.

    Maximum Operating Time

    While executing an application program, the duration of operating GcExcel Java will last up-to 10 hours.

    Once you complete the 10 hours of operation, you may notice the following:

    Note that this limitation will be reset every time when users run the program, so that they can continue to use the above APIs after they restart their program.

    Watermark Sheet

    When saving an Excel file, a new worksheet with watermark will be added. This sheet will be the active sheet of your workbook. The content of the watermark will tell users that no license is found and will provide our sales and contact information so that you can directly connect to our support team.

    When saving a PDF file, a PDF file with a watermark on the top of each exported page will be added. The content of the watermark will tell users which license is applied and will provide our sales and contact information.

    The following watermark will be displayed:

    "Unlicensed copy of GrapeCity Documents for Excel, Java Edition. Contact to get your 30-day evaluation key to remove this text and other limitations".

    Evaluation License

    GcExcel Java trial license is available for one month for users to evaluate the product and see how it can help with their comprehensive project requirements.

    In order to evaluate the product, you can contact and ask for the evaluation license key. The evaluation key is sent to users via email and holds valid for 30 days. After applying the evaluation license successfully, the product can be used without any limitations until the license date expires.

    After the expired date, the following limitations will be triggered:


    GcExcel Java production license is issued at the time of purchase of the product. If you have production license, you can access all the features of GcExcel Java without any limitations.

    Watermark Sheet

    No watermark will be displayed when you have a production license.

    Apply License To GcExcel

    To apply evaluation/production license in GcExcel Java, the long string key needs to be copied to the code in one of the following two ways.