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    System Requirements

    GcExcel Java requires the following system requirements depending upon the framework you are using to create an application. 

    For OS versions supported in GcExcel Java, refer to System Requirements.

    Note: To avoid security issues and improve JDK 8 compatibility, in GcExcel v6.0 release, we have removed support for JDK 7 and earlier versions. In order to upgrade your GcExcel application to JDK 8, you must remove dependency of the gcexcel.extension package and delete *.class and *.jar files related to the extension package.

    Setting up an application

    GcExcel Java API reference is available through Maven Central Repository, a directory that stores all the java archives (.jar files) and adds libraries, plugins and references to your project.

    For installation of the product, refer to the following steps:

    Step 1 - Download the GcExcel Java package

    You can either download the GcExcel java package from Maven Central repository or download it locally on your machine from GrapeCity website.

    Step 2 - Install the GcExcel Java package and add dependency for GcExcel library

    Complete the following steps to install the GcExcel Java package (gcexcel-6.0.0.jar) and add dependency for GcExcel Java library in your application.

    If you are creating an application :

    1. Using Java Integrated Development Environment (IDE) :

      You can install any Java IDE - Eclipse or IntelliJ as per your choice. Shared below are the steps to create a Java application using Eclipse IDE:

      1. Open the Eclipse IDE.
      2. Create a new Java project.
      3. In Project name field, enter the name of your project and click Next.
      4. In Java settings, under Libraries tab, click Add External JARs..
        Java Settings dialog
      5. Select the gcexcel-6.0.0.jar to add it to your project.
      6. Click Finish.
      7. The jar file will be added under the Referenced Libraries in your project.

        Jar file under the Referenced Libraries
      8. The following dependencies are also required, apart from gcexcel.jar:

        • javax.json-1.1.4.jar
        • javax.json-api-1.1.4.jar
        • fontbox-3.0.0.jar 
        • pdfbox-2.0.3.jar
        • commons-logging-4.0.6.jar
        • barcode4j.jar
      Note: To know more about these dependencies, refer GcExcel Dependencies.

    2. Using the Gradle project:

      Open the build.gradle and append the following script in the dependencies block:

    3. Using the Maven project:

      Open the pom.xml and add below xml element in the dependencies node.


      The jar file will be added as a library in the project and your project can now reference all classes of GcExcel in the jar file.