A C# Excel spreadsheet API library is a programming interface that allows developers to programmatically create and manipulate Excel documents at scale. GrapeCity Documents for Excel is a solution that allows developers to import/export, create reports & templates, and deploy spreadsheets across desktop applications.

  • Fast, Lightweight API Architecture

    Use this small-footprint, high-performance C# spreadsheet API Library to quickly create, open, edit, convert, and share Microsoft Excel-compatible spreadsheets using .NET.

  • Full .NET Support for Windows, Linux, and Mac

    Develop for all .NET platforms and operating systems with a single C# code base. Use in your apps across .NET frameworks.

  • Flexible Templates and Themes

    Let users leverage the power of customizable templates, themes, configurable components, summary data, custom styles, embedded drawing objects, integrated calculation engine, and more.

  • Document Object Model

    Based on the extensive Excel Object Model, the interface-based API allows you to import, calculate, query, generate, and export any spreadsheet scenario. With the VS Tools for Office-style API, you can create custom styles using the same elements as VS Tools for Office.

  • Seamless C# Excel Compatibility

    Lose nothing on import. Pivot tables, comments, charts, conditional formatting, data validation, filters, formulas, shapes, pictures, slicers, sparklines, and tables stay intact.

  • Deploy Excel Spreadsheet Apps to the Cloud

    Cloud-based deployment means you can be everywhere - with NuGet and Documents for Excel, you can deploy to Azure, AWS, and AWS Lambda.

Import .NET 6 Excel API / .NET 6 Excel Library

Import and Export Excel Using C#

Seamlessly import and export Excel-compatible XLSX files without Excel dependency

.NET Excel Workbooks and WorkSheets

Workbooks and Worksheets

Create, import, export, use passwords, add sheets, cut and copy ranges, copy and move worksheets, activate, configure, delete, protect, and add iterative calculations.

450+ Excel Formulas and Custom Functions With Our C# Excel Library

Formulas (450+ C# Excel Functions) and Custom Functions

Use hundreds of built-in functions and operators to perform complex calculations, add external formulas, or build your own custom functions and create what you need

Formula Parser

Excel Formula Parser

Create, parse and modify formulas with GrapeCity.Documents.Excel.
Expressions namespace to parse the formula expressions into syntax tree.

Range Operations for .NET 6 Excel API

Range Operations

Execute operations on cells, rows or columns in C# Excel documents with the help of Range property of the iWorksheet interface.

Dynamic Array Formula

Dynamic Array Formulas

Use 7 new Dynamic Array Formula functions to return multiple values on a range of cells.

Formatting for .NET 6 Excel

Spreadsheet Formatting Options

GcExcel provides many properties to customize the appearance of a range in your .NET Excel spreadsheet.

Tables in .NET 6 Excel API

C# Excel Tables

Manage Tables independently in Excel worksheets, format rows & columns, perform calculations for a specific table range.

C# Excel API Forms


Create AcroForm fields, submit data forms to a server, import XML data, and import form data submitted on the client to a PDF.

Conditional Formatting in .Net 5 Excel API

Conditional Formatting

Create conditional formatting rules for individual cells or a range of cells based on cell values.

Data Validation - .NET 6 Excel Library

Data Validation

Validate data by restricting the format and values that can be entered in cells of a worksheet. Create distinct validation scenarios for individual cells or for a range of cells.

Grouping in .NET 6 Excel API


Summarize large amounts of information in groups so that complex spreadsheets are easier to navigate. You can expand and collapse details with the click of a button in the group header row.

Graphics in NET 5 Excel API


Use linear and radial gradient brushes.

Cell Rich Text for Excel in .NET 6 API Library

Cell Rich Text

Apply rich text formatting in the cells of the worksheet.

Custom Functions .NET 6 Excel API

Custom Excel Functions

Create custom functions, allowing you to easily create custom arithmetic logic you may need in your .NET app.

Data Binding in .NET 6 Excel API

C# Excel Data binding

GcExcel supports one-way data binding with cell, sheet and Table binding in .NET Excel spreadsheets.

Find and Replace in Excel in .NET 6 API Library

Find and replace

Find and replace text in Excel workbook with different options.

Image Exporting for Excel in .NET 6 API Library

Image Exporting

Explore complete code demonstrating how to export sheet/range/shape/chart to image files at server side.

Page Setup for Excel in .NET 6 API Library

Page Setup

Specify page setup attributes (left margin, bottom margin, paper size, and so on) on Excel workbook.

PDF Exporting .NET 6 Excel API Library

C# Excel to PDF Exporting

Export Excel .xlsx spreadsheets to PDF at server side with various PDF options.

Filtering .NET 6 Excel API Library


GcExcel supports all types of filters which you can apply on selected range of data.

Sorting .NET 6 Excel API Library


GcExcel provides the Sort method to perform data sorting based on a range of cells, range by value, color or icon in a worksheet. The Apply method is used to apply the selected sort state and display the results.

Charts .NET 6 Excel API Library


GcExcel provides a comprehensive charting API to add charts in Excel.

Shapes  .NET 6 Excel API Library


Embed drawing objects like shapes and pictures in the cells of a worksheet. You can insert arrows, lines, charts, slicers, pictures, and general shapes.

Pictures  .NET 6 Excel API Library


Add a picture to a worksheet, use the AddPicture method of the worksheet's Shapes collection to create, delete, cut, copy and duplicate pictures in the worksheet.

.NET 6 Excel API Library Slicer

Excel Slicer

Slicers are visual filters that you can use to filter a table or pivot table. GcExcel supports adding both built-in and custom slicer styles in Excel workbook.

Comments .NET 6 Excel API Library


GcExcel enables users to annotate worksheets, write comments for cells to add information about the data it contains.

.NET 6 Excel API Library Pivot Tables

Pivot Table

Add pivot table to Excel workbook for data summarization, automatically count, total, or average the data stored in a spreadsheet, and display the resulting summarized data in a second table.

.NET 6 Excel API Library Hyperlinks


Export spreadsheet directly to HTML files with various Html options to preserve the formatting of Excel content into HTML files.

.NET 6 Excel API Library Themes


Our .NET Excel API provides you with a set of built-in themes so you can change the appearance of a workbook. It also lets you create custom themes and apply them to workbooks.

.NET 6 Excel API Library Workbooks


GcExcel provides all the necessary properties and methods required to create a workbook, perform complex operations on the data residing in the spreadsheets and make use of several workbook events that are triggered when called explicitly by the user through code.

Templates .NET 6 Excel API Library

C# Excel Templates

GcExcel introduces new templates support with comprehensive syntax and API to bind Excel documents to data and generate Excel reports with advanced layouts. With flexible syntax and easy notations for data expansion and formulas, the new template syntax and API makes it easy to define Excel templates and generate Excel reports supporting numerous use cases.

SpreadJS Viewer

SpreadJS Viewer

Examples in this folder demonstrate how to use GrapeCity Documents for Excel and SpreadJS. GrapeCity Documents for Excel works on the server side to import and export Excel template files. SpreadJS works in the browser (client side) as a viewer or editor.

SpreadJS Feature Support

SpreadJS Feature Support

GcExcel adds support for SpreadJS features adding more compatibility with the client-side SpreadJS product. View complete supported features list here.

Showcase Demos for .NET 6 Excel API


Explore complete code demonstrating how to generate an Excel file, or you may have your own Excel files and just want to open and update some of its contents at server side.

Getting Started with Documents for .NET 6 Excel API

Quick Start

In this tutorial, we create a real-life scenario with GrapeCity Documents for Excel to give you a fundamental understanding of what our .NET Excel API can do.

Import data

Import data

New ImportData() function to import just the data from Excel files without loading the whole object model.

Threaded comments

Threaded comments

Add reply, delete threaded comments, move to next comment, move to previous comment and more such operations

Linked Picture (Camera shape/snapshot)

Linked Picture (Camera shape/snapshot)

A linked picture can be created to the actual data/table/chart in your final dashboard.

Workbook views

Workbook views

Programmatically set three predefined views, Normal, Page Layout and Page Break Preview.

Print Excel file to printer (Windows)

Print Excel file to printer (Windows)

Directly print Excel file to printer using interfaces IWorkbook. PrintOut and IWorksheet.PrintOut

Explore the Advanced Features of a C# Spreadsheet API

Explore the Advanced Features of a C# Spreadsheet API

Each main feature demo link listed below contains several demos that show how to use a particular feature. Click a link to learn more.

The demo includes a tutorial with step-by-step instructions on using Documents for Excel to code C# spreadsheets. It also showcases numerous API features and includes code samples you can download and apply now.

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