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    Access Areas in a Range
    In This Topic

    While working with a large worksheet having non-contiguous selections, you can access specific areas in a multiple-area range by using the indexer notation of the IAreas interface. The Count property of the IAreas interface represents the area count (number of areas) of the multiple-area range.

    The Areas property of the IRange interface represents all the selected ranges in the multiple area range.

    Refer to the following example code to access areas in a range.

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    //area1 is A5:B7.
    var area1 = worksheet.Range["A5:B7,C3,H5:N6"].Areas[0];
    //set interior color for area1
    area1.Interior.Color = Color.Pink;
    //area2 is C3.
    var area2 = worksheet.Range["A5:B7,C3,H5:N6"].Areas[1];
    //set interior color for area2
    area2.Interior.Color = Color.LightGreen;
    //area3 is H5:N6.
    var area3 = worksheet.Range["A5:B7,C3,H5:N6"].Areas[2];
    //set interior color for area3
    area3.Interior.Color = Color.LightBlue;