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    Icon Sets Rule
    In This Topic

    The icon sets rule in conditional formatting displays the icons on the basis of values entered in the cells. Each value represents a distinct icon that appears in a cell if it matches the icon sets rule applied on it. This rule can be added using the properties and methods of the IIconSetCondition interface.

    Refer to the following example code to add icon sets rule in a worksheet.

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    // Adding IconSets rule
    IIconSetCondition condition = worksheet.Range["A1:A5"].FormatConditions.AddIconSetCondition();
    condition.IconSet = workbook.IconSets[IconSetType.Icon3Symbols];
    condition.IconCriteria[1].Operator = FormatConditionOperator.GreaterEqual;
    condition.IconCriteria[1].Value = 50;
    condition.IconCriteria[1].Type = ConditionValueTypes.Percent;
    condition.IconCriteria[2].Operator = FormatConditionOperator.GreaterEqual;
    condition.IconCriteria[2].Value = 70;
    condition.IconCriteria[2].Type = ConditionValueTypes.Percent;
    worksheet.Range["A1"].Value = 1;
    worksheet.Range["A2"].Value = 2;
    worksheet.Range["A3"].Value = 3;
    worksheet.Range["A4"].Value = 4;
    worksheet.Range["A5"].Value = 5;