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    Get Range and Range Area
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    Range or a range area refers to an array of cells that have been defined in a spreadsheet. While working with worksheets in a workbook, users can define multiple ranges and then further access those range areas separately to perform certain tasks like formatting of cells, merging of cells, insertion or deletion of cells within a range and other useful operations.

    Refer to the following example code to see how you can define a range.

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    //Use index to access cell A1.
    worksheet.Range[0, 0].Interior.Color = Color.LightGreen;
    //Use index to access range A1:B2
    worksheet.Range[0, 0, 2, 2].Value = 5;
    //Use string to access range.
    worksheet.Range["A2"].Interior.Color = Color.LightYellow;
    worksheet.Range["C3:D4"].Interior.Color = Color.Tomato;
    worksheet.Range["A5:B7, C3, H5:N6"].Value = 2;
    //Use index to access rows
    worksheet.Rows[2].Interior.Color = Color.LightSalmon;
    //Use string to access rows
    worksheet.Range["4:4"].Interior.Color = Color.LightSkyBlue;
    //Use index to access columns
    worksheet.Columns[2].Interior.Color = Color.LightSalmon;
    //Use string to access columns
    worksheet.Range["D:D"].Interior.Color = Color.LightSkyBlue;
    //Use Cells to access range.
    worksheet.Cells[5].Interior.Color = Color.LightBlue;
    worksheet.Cells[5, 5].Interior.Color = Color.LightYellow;
    //Access all rows in worksheet
    var allRows = worksheet.Rows.ToString();
    //Access all columns in worksheet
    var allColumns = worksheet.Columns.ToString();
    //Access the entire sheet range
    var entireSheet = worksheet.Cells.ToString();

    Refer to the following example code to see how you can access the range area with a range.

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    //area1 is A5:B7.
    var area1 = worksheet.Range["A5:B7,C3,H5:N6"].Areas[0];
    //set interior color for area1
    area1.Interior.Color = Color.Pink;
    //area2 is C3.
    var area2 = worksheet.Range["A5:B7,C3,H5:N6"].Areas[1];
    //set interior color for area2
    area2.Interior.Color = Color.LightGreen;
    //area3 is H5:N6.
    var area3 = worksheet.Range["A5:B7,C3,H5:N6"].Areas[2];
    //set interior color for area3
    area3.Interior.Color = Color.LightBlue;
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