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In This Topic
    PresetCamera Enumeration
    In This Topic
    Indicates the effects camera type used by the specified object.
    public enum PresetCamera : System.Enum 
    CameraObliqueTop Specifies Oblique Top.
    IsometricBottomDown Specifies Isometric Bottom Down.
    IsometricBottomUp Specifies Isometric Bottom Up.
    IsometricLeftDown Specifies Isometric Left Down.
    IsometricLeftUp Specifies Isometric Left Up.
    IsometricOffAxis1Left Specifies Isometric OffAxis1 Left.
    IsometricOffAxis1Right Specifies Isometric OffAxis1 Right.
    IsometricOffAxis1Top Specifies Isometric OffAxis1 Top.
    IsometricOffAxis2Left Specifies Isometric OffAxis2 Left.
    IsometricOffAxis2Right Specifies Isometric OffAxis2 Right.
    IsometricOffAxis2Top Specifies Isometric OffAxis2 Top.
    IsometricOffAxis3Bottom Specifies Isometric OffAxis3 Bottom.
    IsometricOffAxis3Left Specifies Isometric OffAxis3 Left.
    IsometricOffAxis3Right Specifies Isometric OffAxis3 Right.
    IsometricOffAxis4Bottom Specifies Isometric OffAxis4 Bottom.
    IsometricOffAxis4Left Specifies Isometric OffAxis4 Left.
    IsometricOffAxis4Right Specifies Isometric OffAxis4 Right.
    IsometricRightDown Specifies Isometric Right Down.
    IsometricRightUp Specifies Isometric Right Up.
    IsometricTopDown Specifies Isometric Top Down.
    IsometricTopUp Specifies Isometric Top Up.
    LegacyObliqueBottom Specifies Legacy Oblique Bottom.
    LegacyObliqueBottomLeft Specifies Legacy Oblique Lower Left.
    LegacyObliqueBottomRight Specifies Legacy Oblique Lower Right.
    LegacyObliqueFront Specifies Legacy Oblique Front.
    LegacyObliqueLeft Specifies Legacy Oblique Left.
    LegacyObliqueRight Specifies Legacy Oblique Right.
    LegacyObliqueTop Specifies Legacy Oblique Top.
    LegacyObliqueTopLeft Specifies Legacy Oblique Upper Left
    LegacyObliqueTopRight Specifies Legacy Oblique Upper Right.
    LegacyPerspectiveBottom Specifies Legacy Perspective Bottom.
    LegacyPerspectiveBottomLeft Specifies Legacy Perspective Lower Left.
    LegacyPerspectiveBottomRight Specifies Legacy Perspective Lower Right.
    LegacyPerspectiveFront Specifies Legacy Perspective Front.
    LegacyPerspectiveLeft Specifies Legacy Perspective Left.
    LegacyPerspectiveRight Specifies Legacy Perspective Right.
    LegacyPerspectiveTop Specifies Legacy Perspective Top.
    LegacyPerspectiveTopLeft Specifies Legacy Perspective Upper Left.
    LegacyPerspectiveTopRight Specifies Legacy Perspective Upper Right.
    None Specifies a mixed effect.
    ObliqueBottom Specifies Oblique Bottom.
    ObliqueBottomLeft Specifies Oblique Lower Left.
    ObliqueBottomRight Specifies Oblique Lower Right.
    ObliqueLeft Specifies Oblique Left.
    ObliqueRight Specifies Oblique Right.
    ObliqueTopLeft Specifies Oblique Upper Left.
    ObliqueTopRight Specifies Oblique Upper Right.
    OrthographicFront Specifies Orthographic Front.
    PerspectiveAbove Specifies Perspective Above.
    PerspectiveAboveLeftFacing Specifies Perspective Above Left Facing.
    PerspectiveAboveRightFacing Specifies Perspective Above Right Facing.
    PerspectiveBelow Specifies Perspective Below.
    PerspectiveContrastingLeftFacing Specifies Perspective Contrasting Left Facing.
    PerspectiveContrastingRightFacing Specifies Perspective Contrasting Right Facing.
    PerspectiveFront Specifies Perspective Front.
    PerspectiveHeroicExtremeLeftFacing Specifies Perspective Heroic Extreme Left Facing.
    PerspectiveHeroicExtremeRightFacing Specifies Perspective Heroic Extreme Right Facing.
    PerspectiveHeroicLeftFacing Specifies Perspective Heroic Left Facing.
    PerspectiveHeroicRightFacing Specifies Perspective Heroic Right Facing.
    PerspectiveLeft Specifies Perspective Left.
    PerspectiveRelaxed Specifies Perspective Relaxed.
    PerspectiveRelaxedModerately Specifies Perspective Relaxed Moderately.
    PerspectiveRight Specifies Perspective Right.
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