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    IColorScale Interface Members
    In This Topic

    The following tables list the members exposed by IColorScale.

    Public Properties
     Property Returns a Range object that specifies the cell range to which the formatting rule is applied.  
     Property Returns a ColorScaleCriteria object, which is a collection of individual ColorScaleCriterion objects. The ColorScaleCriterion object specifies the type, value, and color of threshold criteria used in the color scale conditional format (read-only).  
     Property Returns or sets the priority value of the conditional formatting rule. The priority determines the order of evaluation when multiple conditional formatting rules exist in a worksheet.  
     Property Returns a Boolean value that determines if additional formatting rules on the cell should be evaluated if the current rule evaluates to True.  
     Property Returns the type of this conditional format.  
    Public Methods
     Method Deletes this conditional format.  
     Method Generates the conditional format from the json string.  
     Method Sets the priority value for this conditional formatting rule to "1" so that it will be evaluated before all other rules on the worksheet.  
     Method Sets the evaluation order for this conditional formatting rule so it is evaluated after all other rules on the worksheet.  
     Method Generates a json string from the conditional format.  
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