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    IHyperlink Interface Members
    In This Topic

    The following tables list the members exposed by IHyperlink.

    Public Properties
     Property Gets or sets the address of the target document.  
     Property Gets or sets the text string of the specified hyperlink’s e-mail subject line. The subject line is appended to the hyperlink’s address.  
     Property Returns the name of the object (read-only).  
     PropertyReturns the IRange object that represents the range the specified hyperlink is attached to.  
     Property Gets or sets the ScreenTip text for the specified hyperlink.  
     PropertyReturns the GrapeCity.Documents.Excel.Drawing.IShape object that represents the shape attached to the specified hyperlink.  
     Property Gets or sets the location within the document associated with the hyperlink.  
     Property Gets or sets the text to be displayed for the specified hyperlink. The default value is the address of the hyperlink.  
    Public Methods
     Method Deletes the hyperlink.  
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