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    ISignature Interface Members
    In This Topic

    The following tables list the members exposed by ISignature.

    Public Properties
     PropertyGets a System.Boolean value indicating whether the user can set properties of the GrapeCity.Documents.Excel.Signature object. Read-only.  
     Property Gets information about a signature. Read-only.  
     Property Gets a value indicating whether this is a signature line. Read-only.  
     PropertyGets a System.Boolean value indicating whether the document was signed successfully. Read-only.  
     Property Determines if the digital signature that corresponds to the Signature object is a valid signature.  
     Property Returns the Parent object for the specified object.  
     PropertyGets a ISignatureSetup object that provides access to various properties of a signature packet. Read-only.  
     Property Gets the Shape object associated with a Signature object that is a signature line. Read-only.  
     Property Returns an Object representing the date and time that the digital certificate corresponding to the Signature object was attached to the document.  
    Public Methods
     Method Countersign the signature, if the signature has been signed.  
     Method Deletes the signature  
     MethodOverloaded.  Creates a signature packet for visible signature line.  
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