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    IWorkbook Interface Members
    In This Topic

    The following tables list the members exposed by IWorkbook.

    Public Properties
     Property Returns an object that represents the active sheet (the sheet on top) in the active workbook or in the specified window or workbook. Returns null if no sheet is active (read-only).  
     Property Determines whether to automatically parse when setting a range value to a string value.  
     Property Determines whether to round the number to 15 significant figures when getting the value.  
     Property Returns an object that represents the view settings of this workbook(read-only).  
     Property Gets or sets CultureInfo for the workbook.  
     PropertySpecifies the table style name from the ITableStyleCollection collection that is used as the default TableStyle (read/write).  
     Property Gets or sets whether update the dirty state of the formula cells immediately when changing the value of a cell.  
     Property Gets or sets whether the calculation engine is valid.  
     Property Returns the name of the workbook, including its path on disk.  
     Property Provides graphics information. If this property doesn't have value, the workbook will use built-in graphic information.  
     Property Gets or sets a string value that represents the name of the workbook.  
     PropertyReturns the INames collection that represents all the names in the specified workbook (including all worksheet-specific names). This is a read-only INames object.  
     PropertyReturns the IExcelOptions object that represents some settings to control workbook behavior.  
     Property Gets or sets a string that represents the path to the workbook file that this workbook object represents.  
     PropertyReturns the IPivotCaches collection that represents all the IPivotTable caches in the specified workbook (read-only).  
     Property True if the order of the sheets in the workbook is protected. Read-only Boolean.  
     Property True if the windows of the workbook are protected. Read-only Boolean.  
     Property Gets or sets the reference style.  
     Property Determines whether to reset adjacent range's border when setting border for a range. The default value of this property is true  
     PropertyReturns a IWorksheets collection that represents all the selected sheets in the specified workbook.  
     Property Gets a collection of Signature objects that correspond to the digital signature attached to a document.  
     PropertyGets the ISlicerCaches object associated with the workbook.  
     PropertyReturns the IStyleCollection collection that represents all the styles in the specified workbook (read-only).  
     PropertyReturns the ITableStyleCollection collection object for the current workbook that refers to the styles used in the current workbook (read-only).  
     Property Returns or sets the theme applied to the current workbook.  
     PropertyReturns the IWorksheets collection that represents all the worksheets in the specified workbook. This is a read-only Sheets object.  
    Public Methods
     Method Add data source for template  
     Method Calculates formulas of the workbook as needed.  
     Method Designates all the formulas of the workbook to be recalculated when the next calculation occurs.  
     MethodOverloaded.  Generates a workbook from a json string.  
     Method Returns the names of the linked excel documents.  
     Method Gets all fonts information that used on workbook.  
     MethodOverloaded.  Specifies whether the file is password protected.  
     MethodOverloaded.  Opens the file.  
     Method Start to process the template  
     MethodOverloaded.  Protects a workbook so that it cannot be modified.  
     MethodOverloaded.  Saves the workbook to the disk.  
     MethodOverloaded.  Generates a json string from a workbook.  
     Method Removes protection from the workbook.  
     MethodOverloaded.  Updates a excel link.  
     Method Updates all the excel links.  
    Public Events
     Event Occurs after the workbook is saved.  
     Event Occurs before the workbook is saved.  
     Event Occurs when a new sheet is created in the workbook.  
     Event Occurs when the workbook is opened.  
     Event Occurs when a sheet is activate.  
     Event Occurs before a sheet is deleted.  
     Event Occurs when something changes in the cells of a sheet.  
     Event Occurs when a sheet is deactivated.  
     Event Occurs when the selection changes on a sheet.  
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