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    XlsmOpenOptions Class Members
    In This Topic

    The following tables list the members exposed by XlsmOpenOptions.

    Public Constructors
    Public Constructor Constructor  
    Public Properties
    Public PropertyIndicates whether to open the workbook in digital signature only mode.

    In the digital signature only mode, existing signatures will be preserved unless you called ISignature.Delete. But you can only sign existing signature lines, add invisible signatures, remove digital signature of signed signature lines, or remove invisible signatures in this mode. Other changes will be discarded.

    After modifying digital signatures, you need to save the workbook to commit changes.

    True to open workbook in digital signature only mode. Otherwise, use normal mode. The default value is False.

    (Inherited from GrapeCity.Documents.Excel.XlsxOpenOptions)
    Public Property Don't recalculate when getting formula value after loading the file. Default is false. (Inherited from GrapeCity.Documents.Excel.XlsxOpenOptions)
    Public Property Represents the format in which the workbook is opened. (Inherited from GrapeCity.Documents.Excel.OpenOptionsBase)
    Public Property Flags on loading data. Default is ImportFlags.NoFlag. (Inherited from GrapeCity.Documents.Excel.XlsxOpenOptions)
    Public Property The password for the xlsx file. (Inherited from GrapeCity.Documents.Excel.XlsxOpenOptions)
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