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    Convert Table to Range
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    While a range refers to a group of cells, a table is nothing but a dynamic range of cells that is pre-formatted and organized. Just like converting a range into a table, you can also convert a table into a range. This feature is helpful when you want to use features such as dynamic arrays, which are not supported inside a table but, you want to have a table like formatting.

    To handle such cases, GcExcel.Net provides ConvertToRange() method of the ITable interface to convert table into a range of cells without losing the table style. Converting table into a range of cells retains the cell data, table formatting and formulas but removes the table functionality. Note that on converting a table into a range, table reference used in formulas or Defind Names are converted to cell reference.

    Refer to the following example code to convert table into range of cells in GcExcel.NET:

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     // Add table
     ITable table = worksheet.Tables.Add(worksheet.Range["A9:D13"], true);
     // Convert table to range