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    GcExcel .NET Overview
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    GrapeCity Documents for Excel, .NET Edition is a new small-footprint, high-performance spreadsheet component that can be used in your server or desktop applications. It gives developers a comprehensive API to quickly create, manipulate, convert, and share Microsoft Excel-compatible spreadsheets. Further, you can call it from nearly any application and platform.

    GcExcel .NET targets multiple platforms including .NET Framework, .NET Core and Mono; thus making it the perfect solution for all your spreadsheet challenges.

    The best part about using GcExcel .NET is that it models its interface-based API on Excel's document object model. This means that users can import, calculate, query, generate, and export any spreadsheet scenario as and when required. Moreover, the imported or generated spreadsheets can contain references to one another, such as you can reference full reports, sort and filter tables, sort and filter pivot tables, add charts, sparklines, conditional formats, and dashboard reports etc.

    What GcExcel .NET offers you

    For an introduction to GcExcel .NET features, the following documentation is available:

    For product details, the following reference documentation is available: