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    Statistical Chart
    In This Topic

    Statistical charts can be used to present and interpret statistical data in graphical format. GcExcel supports statistical chart types like Box and Whisker, Histogram, Waterfall and Pareto. Such chart types add visual meaning to the represented data.

    GcExcel supports the following types of Statistical chart types:

    Chart Type Chart Snapshot Use Case

    Box and Whisker charts are often used in Marketing Analysis, Statistical Analysis and General Analysis.

    Histogram is a common chart used in statistics. It can be used in scenarios, such as analysis of distribution/sales of books in a book store.
    Waterfall Chart

    Waterfall charts finds application in analyzing project gains including the number of contracts carried forwarded each year, contracts cancelled, tasks completed etc.
    Pareto Chart

    Pareto charts graphically summarize the process problems in ranking order from the most frequent to the least one.