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    Support for SpreadJS Features
    In This Topic

    The following table describes the SpreadJS features supported by GcExcel either in its API or for JSON I/O or PDF export.

    Scope SpreadJS Features JSON I/O GcExcel API PDF Export
    Workbook numbersFitMode Yes Yes Yes
    tabNavigationVisible Yes No No
    backColor Yes Yes Yes
    backgroundImage Yes Yes Yes
    backgroundImageLayout Yes Yes Yes
    highlightInvalidData Yes No Yes
    grayAreaBackColor Yes Yes Yes
    scrollbarAppearance Yes No No
    pivot cache Yes Yes Yes
    tablesheet Yes No No
    Worksheet frozenTrailingRowCount Yes Yes No
    frozenTrailingColCount Yes Yes No


    No No


    No No
    rowCount Yes No No
    columnCount Yes No No
    rowHeaderColCount Yes No No
    colHeaderRowCount Yes No No
    tag Yes Yes No
    rowHeaderData Yes No No
    colHeaderData Yes No No
    autoGenerateColumns Yes Yes No
    showRowOutline Yes Yes Yes
    showColumnOutline Yes Yes Yes
    frozenlineColor Yes Yes No
    rowHeaderAutoText Yes No No
    colHeaderAutoText Yes No No
    outlineColumnOptions Yes Yes Yes
    autoMergeRangeInfos Yes No No
    pivot table


    Yes Yes
    Table expandBoundRows Yes Yes No
    Cell tag Yes Yes No
    bindingPath Yes Yes No
    Sparkline Line Yes Yes Yes
    Column Yes Yes Yes
    ColumnStacked100 Yes Yes Yes
    Cascade Yes Yes Yes
    Style ShowEllipsis Yes No Yes


    • RangeTemplateCellType
    • CheckBoxListCellType
    • RadioButtonListCellType
    • ButtonCellType
    • CheckBoxCellType
    • ComboBoxCellType
    • HyperLinkCellType
    • BaseCellType
    Yes Yes Yes
    watermark Yes Yes Yes
    cellPadding Yes Yes Yes
    labelOptions Yes Yes Yes
    cellButton Yes No Yes
    hoverBackColor Yes No No
    buttonBackColor Yes No Yes
    dropdownlist Yes No Yes