Create Advanced Excel Charts in .NET and Java XLSX Spreadsheets

  • Access and customize data series, labels, value axis, and data points
  • Add a data series to an Excel chart
  • Customize .NET Excel chart titles and legends
  • Use chart templates to generate reports from a data source
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A .NET Excel spreadsheet API library is a programming interface that allows developers to programmatically create and manipulate Excel documents at scale. GrapeCity Documents for Excel is a solution that allows developers to import/export, create reports & templates, and deploy spreadsheets across desktop applications.

Visualize Data

Utilizing charts to visualize data will help highlight outlier values and graphically demonstrate trends, making this approach much easier than using plain tabular data.

Automate Excel Chart Creation

Advanced chart API interfaces enable the complete automation of chart creation using template spreadsheet processing.

Integrate Charts In Reports

Create advanced Excel spreadsheet reports by combining charts with calculations, conditional formatting, images, shapes, sparklines, tables, spreadsheet template cells, and chart series.

Analyze Trends and Patterns

Add trend lines, calculated series, and series colors to your charts to show KPI results, projected sales, seasonal trends, and more.

Customize Excel Charts

Make your charts more effective by customizing chart area, axes, data points, data labels, error bars, legend, lines, markers, plot area, series, and more.

Monthly Business Budget Data Visualization .Net Excel Charts

Monthly Business Budget

Visually compare and illustrate estimated versus actual income and expenses by creating a sample budget chart.

Cost Analysis Pareto Advanced Chart .Net Excel Charts

Cost Analysis Pareto

Design a cost analysis Pareto sample that shows relative costs as a fraction of the total, ranging from most significant to least significant in a bar series. This also illustrates the cumulative percentage in a line series to show a Pareto curve.

Data Visualization Personal Net Worth .NET Excel Charts

Personal Net Worth

Visualize data and highlight assets, debts, and computed net worth in a pie chart with percentages for each comparison.

Blood Pressure Tracker Advanced Chart Type .NET Excel

Wellness Tracker

Blood Pressure Tracker Advanced Chart Type .NET Excel

Blood Sugar Tracker Advanced .NET Excel Chart Type

Health Tracker

Create a sample chart to track health-related changes by using a line chart with a series that shows the calculated running average.

GcExcel .NET and Java Features

Chart Types

Create every Excel chart type, including

Excel 2016 Chart Types

Create Excel 2016 chart types, such as:

3D Format Chart

Configure 3D formatting and customize the axis rotation, angles, and styles for the following elements:

Chart Area

Configure the chart area and customize the background behind the plot area:



Chart Axis

Configure chart axes and customize the following elements:

Chart Data Labels

Configure chart data labels and customize elements, such as:


Chart Template

Generate charts from chart templates by binding the chart data to a data source. Chart templates include

  • Axis Labels
  • Series Name and Values
  • Titles

Chart Data Points

Configure chart data points and customize elements like:

  • Negative Point Style (.NET) (Java)
  • Secondary section of Pie-of-Pie Chart (.NET) (Java)

Chart Error Bars

Configure chart error bars and customize elements, such as:

  • Error Bar Including Type and End Cap (.NET) (Java)
  • Error Bar X and Y direction (.NET) (Java)
  • And many more! (.NET) (Java)

Chart Legend

Configure the chart legend and customize elements, including:

  • Chart Legend Font Style (.NET) (Java)
  • Chart Legend Position and Layout (.NET) (Java)

Chart Markers

Configure chart markers and customize the following elements:

Chart Plot Area

Configure the chart plot area and customize elements, such as:

Chart Series

Configure the chart series and customize elements, including:

Chart Shapes

Configure chart shapes and insert elements in charts like:

Chart Title

Configure the chart title and customize elements, such as:

GrapeCity Documents Data Viewer

GrapeCity Documents for Data Viewer

Check out the new GrapeCity Documents Data Viewer to view multiple data documents on the web. Take advantage of the seamless API to embed the Data Viewer in cross-platform applications.

Explore the Advanced Features of a Spreadsheet API

Explore the Advanced Features of a .NET Spreadsheet API

Each main feature demo link listed below contains several demos that show how to use a particular feature. Click a link to learn more.

The demo includes a tutorial with step-by-step instructions on using Documents for Excel to code spreadsheets. It also showcases numerous API features and includes code samples you can download and apply now.

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