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In This Topic
    FontFlags Enumeration
    In This Topic
    Various flags describing the font.
    Public Enum FontFlags 
       Inherits System.Enum
    public enum FontFlags : System.Enum 
    BoldCharacters are emboldened.
    BoldItalicBit mask for Bold and Italic flags.
    CannotEmbedIndicates if the font is prohibited for embedding.
    CannotSubsetIndicates if the font can not be serialized as a subset of the source font data.
    CollectionIndicates if the font was loaded from .ttc or .otc font collection.
    CompressedIndicates if the font is in WOFF format.
    DisableHintingPrevents executing TrueType instructions.
    FixedPitchFalse if the font is proportionally spaced, True if the font is not proportionally spaced (i.e. monospaced).
    HasMathTableFor internal use only.
    HollowHollow (outlined) characters, otherwise they are solid.
    ItalicFont contains italic or oblique characters, otherwise they are upright.
    ItalicOrObliqueBit mask for Italic and Oblique flags.
    LastResortIf set, indicates that the glyphs encoded in the cmap subtables are simply generic symbolic representations of code point ranges and don’t truly represent support for those code points.
    LongOffsetsFor internal use only.
    NegativeCharacters have their foreground and background reversed.
    NoBitmapCachePrevents using bitmap glyph cache and OpenType embedded bitmaps.
    NoGlyphInstructionsIndicates if the TrueType font has no glyph instructions.
    NoneNo flags are set.
    ObliqueFont contains oblique characters.
    PostScriptIndicates if the font contains PostScript outlines.
    StrikeoutCharacters are overstruck.
    UnderscoreCharacters are underscored.
    VerticalGets a value indicating if this is a vertical font.
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