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GrapeCity.Documents.Common Assembly / GrapeCity.Documents.Text Namespace / TextLayout Class / TextLayout Constructor / TextLayout Constructor(Single)
Specifies the resolution (graphic units per inch).

In This Topic
    TextLayout Constructor(Single)
    In This Topic
    Initializes a new instance of the TextLayout class.

    If a TextLayout is created to be used with a GrapeCity.Documents.Drawing.GcGraphics, it is recommended to use the GrapeCity.Documents.Drawing.GcGraphics.CreateTextLayout method instead, as it ensures that properties such as Resolution and FontCollection are set up properly to be used with the graphics.

    Public Function New( _
       ByVal resolution As System.Single _
    public TextLayout( 
       System.float resolution


    Specifies the resolution (graphic units per inch).
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