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GrapeCity.Documents.Imaging Assembly / GrapeCity.Documents.Common Namespace / Unit Structure / UnitTypeToString Method
A UnitTypeEnum to convert.

In This Topic
    UnitTypeToString Method
    In This Topic
    Converts a UnitTypeEnum value to a string representation as in the following table:
    • Document"doc"
    • Inch"in"
    • Millimeter"mm"
    • Pica"pc"
    • Point"pt"
    • Twip"tw"
    • InHs"inhs"
    • Centimeters"cm"
    • Dip"dip"
    Public Shared Function UnitTypeToString( _
       ByVal value As UnitTypeEnum _
    ) As System.String
    public static System.string UnitTypeToString( 
       UnitTypeEnum value


    A UnitTypeEnum to convert.

    Return Value

    The string representing value.
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