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In This Topic
    SvgFontVariantEastAsian Enumeration
    In This Topic
    Allows control of glyph substitution and sizing in East Asian text.
    Public Enum SvgFontVariantEastAsian 
       Inherits System.Enum
    public enum SvgFontVariantEastAsian : System.Enum 
    FullWidthEnables rendering of full-width variants (OpenType feature: fwid).
    Jis04Enables rendering of JIS2004 forms (OpenType feature: jp04).
    Jis78Enables rendering of JIS78 forms (OpenType feature: jp78).
    Jis83Enables rendering of JIS83 forms (OpenType feature: jp83).
    Jis90Enables rendering of JIS90 forms (OpenType feature: jp90).
    NormalNone of the glyph substitution and sizing features are enabled.
    ProportionalWidthEnables rendering of proportionally-spaced variants (OpenType feature: pwid).
    RubyEnables display of ruby variant glyphs (OpenType feature: ruby).
    SimplifiedEnables rendering of simplified forms (OpenType feature: smpl).
    TraditionalEnables rendering of traditional forms (OpenType feature: trad).
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