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In This Topic
    In This Topic

    This section comprises the features available in GcImaging.

    Create Image
    Create images and thumbnails in GcImaging.
    Load Image
    Load images from file, stream, and byte array in GcImaging.
    Save Image
    Save images to different formats in GcImaging.
    Work with GIF Files 
    Create a GIF file and read a GIF file to save the frames as separate images in GcImaging.
    Work with TIFF Images
    Create a multi-framed TIFF, save TIFF frames as separate images, and create tiled images in GcImaging.
    Work with ICO Files 
    Create an ICO image file and read images from an ICO file in GcImaging.
    Work with SVG Files 
    Create an SVG image file and render SVG images to PNG formats in GcImaging.
    Process Image
    Resize, crop, rotate, flip, clear, and combine images, convert an image to indexed image and change its resolution in GcImaging.
    Apply Effects
    Apply dithering, thresholding, gray scaling, and RGB effects on an image in GcImaging.
    Place multiple elements on a PDF page or image without having to calculate positions of each element relative to other ones.
    Complex Graphic Layouts
    Draw complex graphics, text, and images.
    Create and work with tables easily and straightforwardly without having to think much about the size of table columns, merged cells, or the layout of rotated text.
    Work with Image colors
    Adjust color intensity and image histogram levels, work with color channels and color quantization in GcImaging.
    Apply Transparency Mask
    Set transparency and set the background color for semi-transparent images in GcImaging.
    Work with Graphics
    Draw and fill shapes, clip region, align image, and apply matrix transformation in GcImaging.
    Work with Text
    Render and trim text, add watermark text on an image, draw text with anti-aliasing and different font types, add complex bitmap glyphs, draw text around images, use RTL, and format paragraphs in GcImaging.
    Work with EXIF Metadata
    Extract and modify the EXIF metadata of an image using GcImaging.