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    License Information
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    GrapeCity Documents for Imaging supports the following types of license:


    After downloading the product, the product works in the unlicensed mode. However, not more than 10 instances of GcBitmapGraphics and GcWicBitmapGraphics (combined) can be created when the product is used without license.

    If you have already created 10 instances of GcBitmapGraphics (BitmapRenderer) and GcWicBitmapGraphics (RenderTarget), following exception is thrown on creating the next instance:

    'Unlicensed copy of GrapeCity Documents for Imaging. The number of GcBitmapGraphics (BitmapRenderer) and GcWicBitmapGraphics (RenderTarget) instances is limited to 10. Contact to get your 30-day evaluation key.'

    Evaluation License

    GcImaging evaluation license is available to users for 30 days to evaluate the product. If you want to evaluate the product, you can ask for evaluation license key by sending an email to

    The evaluation version has an expiration date that is determined when an evaluation key is generated. After applying the evaluation license key, you can use the complete product until the license expiry date.

    After the expiry date, following exception is thrown:

    'This evaluation copy of GrapeCity Documents for Imaging has expired. Contact to purchase your license. To continue using GcImaging with limitations, remove the expired evaluation license key.'


    GcImaging production license is issued at the time of purchase of the product. If you have a production license, you can access all the features of GcImaging without any limitations.

    Apply License

    To apply evaluation/production license in GcImaging, the long string key needs to be copied to the code in one of the following two ways.

    GcWicBitmap is licensed like GcBitmap, using the same keys and instance counts. Also, please note that if a GcBitmap is converted to GcWicBitmap or vice versa, the converted object will be licensed if the original was.