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    In This Topic

    All the GcImaging samples are available through the online sample browser. You can browse the source code of samples, run them on the server, view and download the images in different formats, or download individual samples to build and run on your own system (Windows, Mac or Linux). For more information, see Quick Start, introductory page for the samples.

    If you choose to download the samples, you can run them using following simple steps:

    1. Click the Download action on the top right of the sample page.
    2. Unzip the downloaded .zip file of sample.
    3. Run the sample.

    List of samples

    The complete list of available GcImaging sample projects is mentioned below:

    Basic Feature Samples

    Features Sample Description
    Quick start Tutorial - Create images on Windows, macOS, Linux on .NET Core
    Hello, World! Create basic image on Windows, macOS, Linux on .NET Core.
    Images Bitmap Transforms Transform images in .NET Core.
    Create Thumbnails Create thumbnail Images in .NET Core.
    Enlarge Image Enlarge an image using different interpolation modes in .NET Core.
    Indexing Convert colored images to indexed images in .NET Core.
    Round Clip Round clip an image in .NET Core.
    Effects Brightness and Contrast Modify image brightness and contrast in .NET Core.
    Saturation Change color saturation of an image in .NET Core.
    Gamma Correction Apply gamma correction to an image in .NET Core.
    Dithering 1

    Apply dithering effects NoDithering, FloydSteinberg, JarvisJudiceNinke on images in .NET Core.

    Dithering 2

    Apply dithering effects Stucki, Atkinson, Burkes on images in .NET Core.

    Dithering 3 Apply dithering effects Sierra, TwoRowSierra, SierraLite on images in .NET Core.
    Thresholding Effects Apply threshold effects on images in .NET Core.
    Grayscale Effects Apply grayscale effects on images in .NET Core.
    Matrix Effects 1 Apply HueRotation Effect based on rotation angle of an image in .NET Core.
    Matrix Effects 2 Apply Matrix effects on images in .NET Core.
    Auto Levels Auto Level to an image in .NET Core.
    Auto Contrast Adjust Auto Contrast of an image in .NET Core.
    Text Text Rendering Render text on images in .NET Core.
    Text Trimming Render trimmed text with ellipsis on images in .NET Core.
    Antialiasing Apply antialiasing text rendering modes on images in .NET Core.
    Text Columns Draw text paragraphs in columns on images in .NET Core
    Characters and Fonts Draw text text using different fonts on images in .NET Core.
    Japanese Text Draw Japanese text on images in .NET Core.
    Arabic Text Draw Arabic text on images in .NET Core.
    Tate Chu Yoko Draw vertical text tate chu yoko on images in .NET Core.
    Outlined Text Draw outlined text and fill text using brushes on images in .NET Core.
    Drawing Shapes Draw and fill geometric shapes on images in .NET Core.
    Round Rectangles Draw Round rectangles on images in .NET Core.
    Clip Region Clip images to a region in .NET Core.
    Transformations Draw and transform graphics on images in .NET Core.
    Gradients Use linear and radial gradient brushes on text over images in .NET Core.
    Gradients 2 Draw geometric shapes on images and fill using gradients in .NET Core.
    Watermark Draw watermark on images in .NET Core.
    Watermark 2 Add rotated watermark text on an image in .NET Core.
    Hatch Styles Draw MS Excel type hatch style patterns on images in .NET Core.
    Miscellaneous Swap Colors Swap red and blue channels in an image in .NET Core.
    Highlight Clipping Find and show pixels with blown out highlights in .NET Core.
    Black Clipping (TIFF) Find and show shadow clipping in a TIFF image in .NET Core.
    Black Clipping (JPEG) Find and show shadow clipping in a JPEG image in .NET Core.
    Limited Palette Reduce image color depth without loss of quality in .NET Core.
    Blending Modes Compose two images using blending modes in .NET Core.
    All Blending Modes Apply blending modes to compose two images in .NET Core.
    Get Content Rectangle Get image content rectangle without margins.
    Exif Show Exif Info Extract Exif information from Images in .NET Core.
    Clear Exif Info Remove Exif Information from an image in .NET Core.
    Tiff Extract Frames Extract frames from a TIIF Image in .NET Core.
    Make TIFF Create a multi-frame TIFF image from a set of images in .NET Core.
    Different Image Types Create a multi-frame TIFF Image from different image type frames in .NET Core.
    Dithering Effects Create multi-frame TIFF with different dithering effects in .NET Core.
    Gif Make Gif Create a GIF Image from a set of images in .NET Core.
    Indexed Gif Convert true color GIF frames to indexed 8bpp image in .NET Core.
    Update Gif Change hue of an existing GIF image in .NET Core.
    HTML Hello World (HTML) Save HTML as JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP or GIF.
    Google Home Page Save Google home page as JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP or GIF.
    Merge Table Rows Render an HTML table with JavaScript on JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP or GIF.
    Add GC Logo Render a fragment of HTML page on JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP or GIF.