// This code is part of GrapeCity Documents for PDF samples.
// Copyright (c) GrapeCity, Inc. All rights reserved.
using System;
using System.IO;
using System.Drawing;
using System.Linq;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using GrapeCity.Documents.Pdf;
using GrapeCity.Documents.Text;
using GrapeCity.Documents.Svg;
using GCTEXT = GrapeCity.Documents.Text;
using GCDRAW = GrapeCity.Documents.Drawing;
using GcPdfWeb.Samples.Common;

namespace GcPdfWeb.Samples
    // This short sample shows how to measure and render an SVG image.
    // Note that when an SVG is rendered on GcPdfGraphics, it is NOT rasterized,
    // so the image quality is preserved if the SVG is scaled up or down.
    // The SVG art used in this sample is from
    public class RenderSvg
        public int CreatePDF(Stream stream)
            // Load the SVG:
            var svgPath = Path.Combine("Resources", "SvgClipArt", "Smiling-Girl.svg");
            using var svg = GcSvgDocument.FromFile(svgPath);

            // Measure and render the image:
            var doc = new GcPdfDocument();
            var g = doc.NewPage().Graphics;
            var pt = new PointF(g.Resolution, g.Resolution);
            var rc = new RectangleF(pt, svg.GetIntrinsicSize(SvgLengthUnits.Points));
            // Draw the SVG and a border around it:
            g.DrawSvg(svg, pt);
            g.DrawRectangle(rc, Color.DarkGray);

            // Done:
            return doc.Pages.Count;