// This code is part of GrapeCity Documents for PDF samples.
// Copyright (c) GrapeCity, Inc. All rights reserved.
using System;
using System.IO;
using System.Drawing;
using GrapeCity.Documents.Pdf;
using GrapeCity.Documents.Text;

namespace GcPdfWeb.Samples
    // This sample demonstrates graphical signature feature with support API
    // provided by the server running GcPdf. The Annotation Editor's default toolbar 
    // layout contains a new toolbar button, "Signature tool".

    // This and other samples in this section demonstrate the features of GcPdfViewer
    // (a JavaScript PDF viewer control included with GcPdf), mainly the ability
    // to change PDF files (add or edit annotations and AcroForm fields, rotate pages etc.)
    // when the JS viewer on the client is supported by GcPdf running on the server.
    // To enable the editing features of the viewer, its supportApi property must be set
    // to a URL on the server that implements all or some of the edit supporting APIs
    // that are known to/expected by the viewer. This GcPdf demo site provides those APIs,
    // which makes it possible to demonstrate the editing when you open the PDF viewer
    // in this sample. When you download this sample, in addition to the .NET Core
    // console app project that generates the sample PDF, an ASP.NET Core project is
    // also included in the download zip (located in the GcPdfViewerWeb sub-folder of the
    // downloaded zip), which also provides the necessary APIs. In particular, it includes
    // a project that implements the APIs and provides them via a special controller.
    // It is actually the same controller that is used by this GcPdf demo site, and which
    // can be used in any ASP.NET Core site to enable the viewer editing features.
    // Look at the following files in the sample download zip for more info:
    // - GcPdfViewerWeb\SupportApiDemo: the sample ASP.NET Core web site.
    // - GcPdfViewerWeb\SupportApiDemo.sln: solution to build/run the sample web site.
    // - GcPdfViewerWeb\SupportApi: support API implementation (can be used in any site).
    // - GcPdfViewerWeb\SupportApi\Controllers\GcPdfViewerController.cs: support API controller.
    // Please note that this and other samples in this section are only available in C# at this time.

    public class ViewerEditSignatureTool
        public void CreatePDF(Stream stream)
            GcPdfDocument doc = new GcPdfDocument();
            using (var fs = new FileStream(Path.Combine("Resources", "PDFs", "Signature-Placeholder-Blank.pdf"), FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read))

        public const string JS_CODE = @"
var viewer;
function updateDestinationLocation(destinationSize) {
    if(viewer) {
        var options = viewer.options;
        var pageSize = viewer.getPageSize(0);        
        options.signTool.location = {x: (pageSize.width - destinationSize.width) / 2, y: (pageSize.height - destinationSize.height) / 3};
function createPdfViewer(selector, baseOptions) {
    var options = baseOptions || {};
    if(!options.supportApi) {
        options.supportApi = {
            apiUrl: (window.__baseUrl || '') + 'support-api/gc-pdf-viewer',
            token: window.afToken || '',
            webSocketUrl: false, suppressInfoMessages: true, suppressErrorMessages: true

    options.signTool = {
            selectedTab: 'Draw', 
			saveSignature: true,
			penColor: 'darkblue', 
            penWidth: 2,
            canvasSize: { width: 500, height: 200 },
            autoResizeCanvas: true,
            destinationScale: 0.5,
            afterShow: function(dialog) {
            beforeAdd: function() {
                //viewer.layoutMode = 1;
                return true;
    options.restoreViewStateOnLoad = false;
    viewer = new GcPdfViewer(selector, options);
    viewer.layoutMode = 0;
    viewer.mouseMode = 1;
    viewer.toolbarLayout.viewer = { 
        default: ['open', 'save', 'edit-sign-tool', 'edit-undo', 'doc-title', '$split', 'about'], 
        mobile: ['open', 'save', 'edit-sign-tool', 'edit-undo', 'doc-title', '$split', 'about'], 
        fullscreen: ['$fullscreen', 'open', 'save', 'edit-sign-tool', 'edit-undo', 'doc-title', '$split', 'about'] 
    viewer.toolbarLayout.annotationEditor = { 
        default: ['open', 'save', 'edit-sign-tool', 'edit-undo', 'doc-title', '$split', 'about'], 
        mobile: ['open', 'save', 'edit-sign-tool', 'edit-undo', 'doc-title', '$split', 'about'], 
        fullscreen: ['$fullscreen', 'open', 'save', 'edit-sign-tool', 'edit-undo', 'doc-title', '$split', 'about'] 
    viewer.zoom = 70;
    return viewer;