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In This Topic
    FeatureTag Enumeration
    In This Topic
    Identifies features providing information about how to use the glyphs in a font to render a script or language.
    Public Enum FeatureTag 
       Inherits System.Enum
    public enum FeatureTag : System.Enum 
    aaltAccess All Alternates
    abvfAbove-base Forms
    abvmAbove-base Mark Positioning
    abvsAbove-base Substitutions
    afrcAlternative Fractions
    blwfBelow-base Forms
    blwmBelow-base Mark Positioning
    blwsBelow-base Substitutions
    c2pcPetite Capitals From Capitals
    c2scSmall Capitals From Capitals
    caltContextual Alternates
    caseCase-Sensitive Forms
    ccmpGlyph Composition / Decomposition
    cfarConjunct Form After Ro
    cjctConjunct Forms
    cligContextual Ligatures
    cpctCentered CJK Punctuation
    cpspCapital Spacing
    cswhContextual Swash
    cursCursive Positioning
    cv01Character Variant 1
    cv02Character Variant 2
    cv03Character Variant 3
    cv04Character Variant 4
    cv05Character Variant 5
    cv06Character Variant 6
    cv07Character Variant 7
    cv08Character Variant 8
    cv09Character Variant 9
    cv10Character Variant 10
    cv11Character Variant 11
    cv12Character Variant 12
    cv13Character Variant 13
    cv14Character Variant 14
    cv15Character Variant 15
    cv16Character Variant 16
    cv17Character Variant 17
    cv18Character Variant 18
    cv19Character Variant 19
    cv20Character Variant 20
    cv21Character Variant 21
    cv22Character Variant 22
    cv23Character Variant 23
    cv24Character Variant 24
    cv25Character Variant 25
    cv26Character Variant 26
    cv27Character Variant 27
    cv28Character Variant 28
    cv29Character Variant 29
    cv30Character Variant 30
    cv31Character Variant 31
    cv32Character Variant 32
    cv33Character Variant 33
    cv34Character Variant 34
    cv35Character Variant 35
    cv36Character Variant 36
    cv37Character Variant 37
    cv38Character Variant 38
    cv39Character Variant 39
    cv40Character Variant 40
    cv41Character Variant 41
    cv42Character Variant 42
    cv43Character Variant 43
    cv44Character Variant 44
    cv45Character Variant 45
    cv46Character Variant 46
    cv47Character Variant 47
    cv48Character Variant 48
    cv49Character Variant 49
    cv50Character Variant 50
    cv51Character Variant 51
    cv52Character Variant 52
    cv53Character Variant 53
    cv54Character Variant 54
    cv55Character Variant 55
    cv56Character Variant 56
    cv57Character Variant 57
    cv58Character Variant 58
    cv59Character Variant 59
    cv60Character Variant 60
    cv61Character Variant 61
    cv62Character Variant 62
    cv63Character Variant 63
    cv64Character Variant 64
    cv65Character Variant 65
    cv66Character Variant 66
    cv67Character Variant 67
    cv68Character Variant 68
    cv69Character Variant 69
    cv70Character Variant 70
    cv71Character Variant 71
    cv72Character Variant 72
    cv73Character Variant 73
    cv74Character Variant 74
    cv75Character Variant 75
    cv76Character Variant 76
    cv77Character Variant 77
    cv78Character Variant 78
    cv79Character Variant 79
    cv80Character Variant 80
    cv81Character Variant 81
    cv82Character Variant 82
    cv83Character Variant 83
    cv84Character Variant 84
    cv85Character Variant 85
    cv86Character Variant 86
    cv87Character Variant 87
    cv88Character Variant 88
    cv89Character Variant 89
    cv90Character Variant 90
    cv91Character Variant 91
    cv92Character Variant 92
    cv93Character Variant 93
    cv94Character Variant 94
    cv95Character Variant 95
    cv96Character Variant 96
    cv97Character Variant 97
    cv98Character Variant 98
    cv99Character Variant 99
    dligDiscretionary Ligatures
    dtlsDotless Forms
    exptExpert Forms
    faltFinal Glyph on Line Alternates
    fin2Terminal Forms #2
    fin3Terminal Forms #3
    finaTerminal Forms
    flacFlattened accent forms
    fwidFull Widths
    halfHalf Forms
    halnHalant Forms
    haltAlternate Half Widths
    histHistorical Forms
    hknaHorizontal Kana Alternates
    hligHistorical Ligatures
    hojoHojo Kanji Forms (JIS X 0212-1990 Kanji Forms)
    hwidHalf Widths
    initInitial Forms
    isolIsolated Forms
    jaltJustification Alternates
    jp04JIS2004 Forms
    jp78JIS78 Forms
    jp83JIS83 Forms
    jp90JIS90 Forms
    lfbdLeft Bounds
    ligaStandard Ligatures
    ljmoLeading Jamo Forms
    lnumLining Figures
    loclLocalized Forms
    ltraLeft-to-right alternates
    ltrmLeft-to-right mirrored forms
    markMark Positioning
    med2Medial Forms #2
    mediMedial Forms
    mgrkMathematical Greek
    mkmkMark to Mark Positioning
    msetMark Positioning via Substitution
    naltAlternate Annotation Forms
    nlckNLC Kanji Forms
    nuktNukta Forms
    onumOldstyle Figures
    opbdOptical Bounds
    paltProportional Alternate Widths
    pcapPetite Capitals
    pknaProportional Kana
    pnumProportional Figures
    prefPre-Base Forms
    presPre-base Substitutions
    pstfPost-base Forms
    pstsPost-base Substitutions
    pwidProportional Widths
    qwidQuarter Widths
    rcltRequired Contextual Alternates
    rkrfRakar Forms
    rligRequired Ligatures
    rphfReph Forms
    rtbdRight Bounds
    rtlaRight-to-left alternates
    rtlmRight-to-left mirrored forms
    rubyRuby Notation Forms
    rvrnRequired Variation Alternates
    saltStylistic Alternates
    sinfScientific Inferiors
    sizeOptical size
    smcpSmall Capitals
    smplSimplified Forms
    ss01Stylistic Set 1
    ss02Stylistic Set 2
    ss03Stylistic Set 3
    ss04Stylistic Set 4
    ss05Stylistic Set 5
    ss06Stylistic Set 6
    ss07Stylistic Set 7
    ss08Stylistic Set 8
    ss09Stylistic Set 9
    ss10Stylistic Set 10
    ss11Stylistic Set 11
    ss12Stylistic Set 12
    ss13Stylistic Set 13
    ss14Stylistic Set 14
    ss15Stylistic Set 15
    ss16Stylistic Set 16
    ss17Stylistic Set 17
    ss18Stylistic Set 18
    ss19Stylistic Set 19
    ss20Stylistic Set 20
    sstyMath script style alternates
    stchStretching Glyph Decomposition
    tjmoTrailing Jamo Forms
    tnamTraditional Name Forms
    tnumTabular Figures
    tradTraditional Forms
    twidThird Widths
    UnknownUnknown feature (not applicable).
    valtAlternate Vertical Metrics
    vatuVattu Variants
    vertVertical Writing
    vhalAlternate Vertical Half Metrics
    vjmoVowel Jamo Forms
    vknaVertical Kana Alternates
    vkrnVertical Kerning
    vpalProportional Alternate Vertical Metrics
    vrt2Vertical Alternates and Rotation
    vrtrVertical Alternates for Rotation
    zeroSlashed Zero
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