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In This Topic
    GeneralCategory Enumeration
    In This Topic
    Provides the most general classification of the code point.
    Public Enum GeneralCategory 
       Inherits System.Enum
    public enum GeneralCategory : System.Enum 
    CcC0 or C1 control code.
    CfFormat control character.
    CnReserved unassigned code point or a noncharacter.
    CoPrivate-use character.
    CsSurrogate code point.
    LlLowercase letter.
    LmModifier letter.
    LoOther letters, including syllables and ideographs.
    LtDigraphic character, with first part uppercase.
    LuUppercase letter.
    McSpacing combining mark (positive advance width).
    MeEnclosing combining mark.
    MnNonspacing combining mark (zero advance width).
    NdDecimal digit.
    NlLetterlike numeric character.
    NoNumeric character of other type.
    PcConnecting punctuation mark, like a tie.
    PdDash or hyphen punctuation mark.
    PeClosing punctuation mark (of a pair).
    PfFinal quotation mark.
    PiInitial quotation mark.
    PoPunctuation mark of other type.
    PsOpening punctuation mark (of a pair).
    ScCurrency sign.
    SkNon-letterlike modifier symbol.
    SmSymbol of mathematical use.
    SoSymbol of other type.
    ZlU+2028 LINE SEPARATOR only.
    ZsSpace character (of various non-zero widths).
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