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In This Topic
    GlyphFlags Enumeration
    In This Topic
    Provides additional information on the glyph.
    Public Enum GlyphFlags 
       Inherits System.Enum
    public enum GlyphFlags : System.Enum 
    ArabicJoiningMaskMask for testing Arabic joining glyph forms.
    BaseClassBase glyph class (single character, spacing glyph).
    BaselineMaskThe bit mask for the baseline values.
    BreakGposContextIndicates if the glyph is at the start of the new GPOS context.
    ClassMaskThe bit mask for determining glyph class.
    ClusterStartIndicates that the glyph is the start of a cluster.
    ConditionalHyphenIndicates if the glyph starts the conditional hyphen glyph run.
    EmulatedUprightIndicates if normally sideways character should be drawn upright in vertical text.
    GposRunStartIndicates if the glyph is at the start of a GPOS glyph run.
    GsubRunStartIndicates if the glyph is at the start of a GSUB glyph run.
    HangingBaselineThe hanging baseline from which syllables seem to hang in Tibetan and other scripts.
    IdeographicBaselineThe baseline used by ideographic characters.
    IsInlineObjectIndicates if an inline object should appear instead of the glyph.
    IsTabIndicates if the glyph represents a tabulation character.
    LigatureClassLigature glyph class (multiple character, spacing glyph).
    MarkClassMark glyph class (non-spacing combining glyph).
    MathBaselineThe baseline about which mathematical characters are centered.
    NoAdvanceThe glyph is not visible and has no advance.
    NoKerningPrevents glyph kerning when its reading direction is unnatural.
    NoneNo additional info.
    OtherClassUnclassified or Component glyph.
    RomanBaselineThe baseline used by simple alphabetic scripts such as Latin, Cyrillic and Greek.
    RunStartIndicates if the glyph is at the start of a code point run.
    SidewaysIndicates if the glyph should appear rotated 90 or -90 degrees.
    TabWithAlignmentIndicates if the character tabulation has additional alignment options.
    VerticalIndicates if the glyph should appear upright with vertical reading direction.
    XLLeft-joining glyph form.
    XMDual-joining (medial) glyph form that joins on both left and right.
    XNNon-joining glyph form that does not join on either side.
    XRRight-joining glyph form.
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