Documents for PDF .NET Edition
GrapeCity.Documents.Html / GrapeCity.Documents.Html Namespace / GcHtmlRenderer Class / RenderToPdf Method / RenderToPdf(Stream,PdfSettings) Method
The destination stream.
The set of parameters for the output PDF.

In This Topic
    RenderToPdf(Stream,PdfSettings) Method
    In This Topic
    Creates a PDF document from the source HTML and saves it to a specified stream.
    Public Overloads Function RenderToPdf( _
       ByVal outputStream As System.IO.Stream, _
       Optional ByVal settings As PdfSettings _
    ) As System.Boolean
    public System.bool RenderToPdf( 
       System.IO.Stream outputStream,
       PdfSettings settings


    The destination stream.
    The set of parameters for the output PDF.

    Return Value

    True if PDF was successfully saved; otherwise, false.
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