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In This Topic
    HatchStyle Enumeration
    In This Topic
    Enumerates the different patterns available for HatchBrush objects.
    Public Enum HatchStyle 
       Inherits System.Enum
    public enum HatchStyle : System.Enum 
    AlternatingHorizontalLinesHorizontal stripes: Alternating horizontal lines
    AlternatingVerticalLinesVertical stripes: Alternating vertical lines
    BackslashesStripes: Backslashes
    BackwardDiagonalA pattern of backward diagonal lines.
    DarkDiagonalA pattern of thick diagonal lines.
    DarkDownwardDiagonalStripesDiagonal stripes: Dark downward
    DarkHorizontalStripesHorizontal stripes: Dark
    DarkUpwardDiagonalStripesDiagonal stripes: Dark upward
    DarkVerticalStripesVertical stripes: Dark
    DiagonalA pattern of diagonal lines.
    DiagonalBrickDiagonal brick
    Dotted05Dotted: 5%
    Dotted10Dotted: 10%
    Dotted20Dotted: 20%
    Dotted25Dotted: 25%
    Dotted30Dotted: 30%
    Dotted40Dotted: 40%
    Dotted50Dotted: 50%
    Dotted60Dotted: 60%
    Dotted70Dotted: 70%
    Dotted75Dotted: 75%
    Dotted80Dotted: 80%
    Dotted90Dotted: 90%
    DottedDiamondGridDotted diamond grid
    DottedGridDotted grid
    ForwardDiagonalA pattern of forward diagonal lines.
    HorizontalA pattern of horizontal lines.
    HorizontalBrickHorizontal brick
    LargeCheckerBoardLarge checker board
    LargeConfettiLarge confetti
    LargeGridLarge grid
    LightBackwardDiagonalA pattern of thin backward diagonal lines.
    LightDiagonalA pattern of thin diagonal lines.
    LightDownwardDiagonalStripesDiagonal stripes: Light downward
    LightForwardDiagonalA pattern of thin forward diagonal lines.
    LightGridA pattern of thin vertical and horizontal lines.
    LightHorizontalA pattern of thin horizontal lines.
    LightHorizontalStripesHorizontal stripes: Light
    LightUpwardDiagonalStripesDiagonal stripes: Light upward
    LightVerticalA pattern of thin vertical lines.
    LightVerticalStripesVertical stripes: Light
    NarrowHorizontalStripesHorizontal stripes: Narrow
    NarrowVerticalStripesVertical stripes: Narrow
    OutlinedDiamondGridOutlined diamond grid
    Percent12Specifies a 12-percent hatch. The ratio of foreground color to background color is 12:88.
    Percent25Specifies a 25-percent hatch. The ratio of foreground color to background color is 25:75.
    Percent50Specifies a 50-percent hatch. The ratio of foreground color to background color is 50:50.
    Percent6Specifies a 6-percent hatch. The ratio of foreground color to background color is 6:94.
    Percent75Specifies a 75-percent hatch. The ratio of foreground color to background color is 75:25.
    SlashesStripes: Slashes
    SmallCheckerBoardSmall checker board
    SmallConfettiSmall confetti
    SmallGridSmall grid
    SolidDiamondGridSolid diamond grid
    SparseBackwardDiagonalA pattern of rare thin backward diagonal lines.
    SparseForwardDiagonalA pattern of rare thin forward diagonal lines.
    SparseHorizontalA pattern of rare thin horizontal lines.
    SparseVerticalA pattern of rare thin vertical lines.
    VerticalA pattern of vertical lines.
    WideDownwardDiagonalStripesDiagonal stripes: Wide downward
    WideUpwardDiagonalStripesDiagonal stripes: Wide upward
    ZigZagZig zag
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