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In This Topic
    PdfEnum<TEnum> Structure
    In This Topic
    Represents a PDF enumeration type.
    Object Model
    PdfEnum<TEnum> Structure
    Public Structure PdfEnum(Of TEnum As {New, Struct}) 
       Inherits System.ValueType
    public struct PdfEnum<TEnum> : System.ValueType 
    where TEnum: new(), struct
    Type Parameters

    The PDF Specification defines many propertes with values represented by a limited set of predefined values. Such values are stored as PDF name objects, which is very similar to enumerations in C#.

    But there are many PDF documents in which some of such properties have arbitrary custom values that are not defined in the PDF specification.

    GcPdf uses this struct when processing such values. Where possible, the value is converted to the underlying enum type TEnum, otherwise the original string value is preserved.

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