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    Interface Elements
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    JS Viewer Top Toolbar

    GrapeCity Documents PDF viewer provides the best previewing experience with a highly responsive user interface.

    The key features of the PDF Viewer control are listed below:

    Feature Toolbar Icons Description

    Go To First

    Go to first page.

    Go to Previous

    Go to previous page.

    Current Page

    Displays the current page.

    Go to Next

    Go to the next page.

    Go to last

    Go to the last page.

    Rotate Document

    Rotates the document.


    Downloads and saves the document.

    Print Print the document.

    Table of Contents Displays the table of contents pane.


    Zoom In Increases the magnification of your report.


    Zoom Out Decreases the magnification of your report.


    Zoom Percentage Displays the current zoom percentage.

    Toggle Fullscreen Makes the document occupy the entire screen.


    Open Document Loads a file into the Viewer.

    Continuous View Helps you to scroll down the document in continous mode without page breaks.

    Cycle through available themes Changes the theme of document Viewer.

    Text Selection Tool Selects a particular area of the text.

    Pan Tool








    JS Viewer Table of Contents Pane

    The Table of Contents pane appears when you click the Table of Contents button in the toolbar. Click any TOC item to easily navigate to the corresponding section of the PDF document in the Viewer.

    Table of Contents Pane




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