High-Performance Feature-Rich C# PDF API Gives You Total Control

  • Create and manage different document templates with an easy-to-use PDF API
  • Merge templates with data from your software via Web API
  • Load PDF documents with annotations,
    attachments, and outlines
  • Utilize hundreds of Powerful PDF features
  • Deploy Your Documents to Azure, AWS
  • Open and stream files from cloud and local resources with C#
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A C# PDF document API library is a programming interface that allows developers to programmatically create and manipulate PDF documents at scale. GrapeCity Documents for PDF is a solution that allows developers to import/export, create templates, and deploy PDFs across desktop applications.


User and owner passwords protection. Allow edit, copy, printing, and digital signatures along with encryption and decryption for C#.

Advanced Text Handling

Create PDF templates in C# with special character support, open and standard PDF type fonts supported. Full support for creating PDF in multiple languages.

Document and Page

Add, delete, copy, and move pages between PDFs. Attach document-level file attachments, change page size and orientations, split and merge documents.

Redaction Technology

Confidently remove and obscure sensitive data within PDF files. Redact specific words, images, pages, and more.

PDF to Image

Convert PDF files to JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and BMP. Control image output, such as image size, DPI, aspect ratio, and more.

PDF Data Extraction

Search and extract text, images, and metadata from PDF files for automation, editing, indexing, and more.

Linearize existing PDF documents

Linearize any existing PDF document and save the document in any 3 modes - Default, Linearize and Incremental Update (for signing existing signed documents)

Extract Data from PDF Documents in .NET 6

Remove table data or tagged content from PDFs using GcPdf and GcExcel.NET Excel library.

Redact Content

Mark and remove sensitive, confidential content from PDF documents with redact annotations. The marked content can be erased or masked with a rectangular or polygonal reaction area.

Import HTML Into PDF Documents

  • Render HTML string, URL. or page in PDF documents
  • Based on Chromium web browser engine working in headless mode
  • Multi-platform package to render HTML content on Windows, macOS, or Linux

Advanced Font and Language Support

Dozens of fonts and options support various styles and multiple languages, including Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, and Japanese.

PDF Digital Signatures

Implement signatures with image-based visual signatures digitally for document security and workflow management using X509 certificates. Use incremental updates to add multiple signatures to PDFs.

Full Annotations and Forms Support

Annotations/Form Fields are fully supported for PDF Spec 2.0, including adding, modifying extracting, and deleting annotations from documents.

Add PDF Layers

Add, edit and remove layers programmatically. Associate PDF content (part of content stream, FormXObject, Annotation or PDF document) with a layer in PDF document.

Explore the Advanced Features of the C# PDF API

Quick Start

This quick tutorial walks you through creating a simple "Hello, World!" app that uses GcPdf to generate and save a PDF file.

Print PDF Documents to Printer

Print PDF document directly to a printer on Windows platform.


Create, initialize, and use the Font Collection class to manage and use when rendering texts.

Page Headers

Print page headers and footers in PDF documents. Organize pages by headings to help users get a sense of the page’s organization and structure.

Merge Pages

Combine and organize multiple documents into one PDF–making it simple to share and send render pages of one PDF to another.


Attach photos, text, drawings, PDFs, and other file types (including AcroForm) to a PDF. If you move the PDF to a new location, the attachments move with it.


Review the basics of rendering text in GcPDF (DrawString and DrawTextLayout), character formatting, paginated text, text trimming, word, character wraps, and much more.


Use linear and radial gradient brushes.


Generate pages of slides from all images in a directory and extract images from PDF documents.

PDF Report Templates

Automate and customize documents and report generation. PDF Templates allow you to bind HTML templates to various data sources by using report templates that generate PDF files from HTML.

Document Properties

Make viewing faster with linearized PDFs. Documents properties include metadata, compression, and font embedding behavior. Restrict printing, copying, and PDF editing.


Create, edit, or delete annotations from existing PDF documents. Several annotations are supported from PDF specifications.

Advanced Text

Design magazine style, multi-column page layouts with balanced columns and outlines. Multi-language text is supported, including RTL, east-Asian languages, and vertical text.


Create text links to a URL and add outline entries. Link thumbnails to full-sized images, article threads, and destinations.


Convert HTML files or strings to PDF, or add HTML fragments to PDF documents along with other content.


Create tagged (structured) PDFs and attach them to individual paragraphs.


Load existing PDF into GcPdfDocument and see how text, paragraphs, and tables can be inspected or extracted.


Completely remove content from PDF documents, including quadrilateral and polygonal redaction areas.

Form Fields

Create AcroForm fields include textbox, checkbox, radio button, combtext, combo box, list box, and buttons.

PDF Layers

Add, edit and remove layers programmatically. Associate PDF content (part of content stream, FormXObject, Annotation or PDF document) with a layer in PDF document.


Render samples of all barcode symbologies supported by the GcBarcode library.

Digital Signatures

Digitally sign PDFs, inspect signature properties, or remove existing signatures. Add Image signatures to PDF Documents.


Encrypt or decrypt PDF Documents. When a document is encrypted, its contents become unreadable. An authorized user can decrypt the document to obtain access to the contents. If a PDF document is password encrypted, the user must enter the password in order to view the document.

ZUGFeRD Complilant

ZUGFeRD is a standard for electronic invoices in PDF/A format and based on the ISO standard. Create ZUGFeRD 1.x compliant invoices and read ZUGFeRD data from existing PDFs.

Password-Protected PDF Files

Password-protected PDF files can be opened through the password input dialog.


Check out even more great features of GcDocuments for PDF Viewer

Linearize Existing PDF Documents

Linearize any existing PDF document and save the document in any 3 modes - Default, Linearize, and Incremental Update (for signing existing signed documents)

Draw SVG on PDF Documents

Draw the SVG Image from file to PDF document using GcGraphics.DrawSvg method.

PDF to Images

Save a PDF as a multi-page TIFF, JPEG, PNG, GI, or BMP image to save space and open easily.

Read Structure Tags

Extract whole logical structure of the PDF document, parsed the tags, glean the data that needs to be extracted.

GrapeCity Documents PDF Viewer and PDF Editor

PDF Viewer With PDF Editor

Check out the new editing tools: Annotation Editor, Form Editor, and other awesome features in GrapeCity Documents PDF Viewer; helping you create a full-featured workflow to load, edit, design, review, and save PDF documents and forms in your applications.

Visit the PDF API Samples

Documents for PDF Demos

Your full-fledged ASP.NET Core sample browser includes all major features, real-time PDFs, and use cases. These PDF files are generated using server-side code with GcPdf and loaded in the client-side GrapeCity JavaScript PDF Viewer. You can download individual .NET Core samples that can run as standalone in C# and VB.Net. The demos also include full sample code in C# and VB with comments along each step for quick onboarding.

"The speed to build what we needed and the level of ease of use of controls are why we chose GrapeCity. It was a perfect fit."

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