• Security

    User and owner passwords protection. Allow edit, copy, printing, digital signatures, along with encryption and decryption using Microsoft's Visual Basic. NET

  • Redaction Technology

    Confidently remove and obscure sensitive data within PDF files. Redact specific words, images, pages, and more.

  • Advanced Text Handling

    Create PDF in Visual Basic with special character support, open and standard PDF type fonts supported.

  • PDF to Image

    Convert PDF files to JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and BMP. Control image output, such as image size, DPI, aspect ratio, and more.

  • Document and Page

    Add, delete, copy, and move pages between PDFs. Attach document-level file attachments, change page size and orientations, split and merge documents.

  • Data Extraction

    Search and extract text, images, and metadata from PDF files for automation, editing, indexing, and more.

Advanced Features of PDF API

  • Document
    Set your document properties for a PDF versions, document information and metadata
  • Fonts
    Create, initialize and use the FontCollection class to manage fonts when rendering texts
  • Annotations
    Annotations are extra information associated with a particular point and created in GcPDF
  • Forms
    Create AcroForm fields, submit data forms to a server, import XML data, and import data from a form submitted on the client to a PDF
  • Text
    Review the basics of rendering text in GcPDF (DrawString and DrawTextLayout), character formatting, paginated text, text trimming, word and character wraps, and much more
  • Navigation
    Create a text link to a URL, add outline entries, link thumbnails to full-sized images, page labels, image article threads, and destinations

  • Advanced
    Design magazine style, multi-column page layout with balanced columns and outlines
  • Images
    Generate pages of slides from all images in a directory
  • Graphics
    Use linear and radial gradient brushes
  • HTML
    Render a hard-coded HTML string
  • Barcodes
    Render samples of all barcode symbologies supported by the GcBarcode library
  • Tags
    Create tagged (structured) PDFs and attach tags to individual paragraphs
  • Forms
    Import data from a form submitted on the client into a PDF
  • Editing
    Load and modify an existing PDF file with only the parts you need
  • Attachments
    Attach photos, text, drawings, files (including AcroForm) to a PDF