What's Inside

GrapeCity Documents PDF API

Documents for PDF offers complete control of PDF documents, with no Acrobat dependency. Users can work with this intuitive API—based on Adobe PDF specification 2.0—to generate, convert, share, edit, and save PDF documents in code.

Highlights include:

  • Cross-platform, cross-framework compatibility: Support for .NET 6, .NET, .NET Framework, Mono, Xamarin
  • Fast and efficient: Save memory and time with the lightweight API architecture. Generate and work with documents with high performance and thread safety.
  • Advanced text handling: Text formatting, special characters, multiple languages, RTL support, vertical and rotated text for all supported platforms
  • Hundreds of PDF form features: Signatures, security features, form fields,—and you can even add or delete pages, change page sizes, orientation, generate linearized PDFs and compress PDF files
  • Deploy apps with PDFs to Azure: Be everywhere with cloud-based deployment—with NuGet and Documents for PDF, you can deploy to Azure in six short steps