Why Choose GcPdfViewer for Your HTML5 Applications?

  • Easy Input Type Implementation

    • Properties and validation settings are the same as those supported in GcExcel and GcPdf
    • Autocomplete, autofocus, required, spell checking, and other familiar properties are available
    • Quick implementation using GcExcel templates and the GcPdf API

  • Code Once, View on Multiple Platforms

    • Utilize the power of HTML5's responsive design
    • Organize fields for seamless entry on smaller platforms, such as mobile and tablet
    • Consistent data collection across multiple platforms

  • Customize and Validate

    • Customize UI appearance of form fields
    • Modify validation messages for form fields with Form Filler Dialog
    • Form event handlers and settings
    • Define custom content
    • Fill forms on smaller devices

  • Additional Supported Advanced Input Types and Features

    • Date picker
    • Telephone number
    • URL
    • Email
    • HTML5's autofill capabilities

Example of form fields using GcPdfViewer by GrapeCity

Create, Load, Modify, and Delete PDF Acroform Fields

Create PDF forms in C# with various AcroForm fields, such as textbox, checkbox, pushbuttons, and more.

PDF Linearized Files in .NET 6

Submit Form

Fill and submit interactive PDF form data to the server from a Javascript-based PDF viewer.

Advanced Font and Language Support

Edit PDF Forms on the Web

Edit PDF forms and apply Acroform properties. Move, resize, and save PDF forms on the client.

Form customization through GcPdfViewer using GcPdf API by GrapeCity

Customize PDF Forms

Customize form fields with field-specific properties through code, in an online PDF Form Editor, or through C#/VB.NET Code using GcPdf.

Form Filler Example using GcPdfViewer with custom input types and validation by GrapeCity

View and Fill PDF Forms With HTML5 Input Types

Online forms are complex and collect more data than ever before. These forms often require user information like date of birth, telephone number, email, URL, and more.Input types excluded from standard PDF specifications are now supported in GcPdfViewer.

GrapeCity Documents PDF Viewer and PDF Editor

PDF Viewer With PDF Editor

Check out the new editing tools: Annotation Editor, Form Editor, and other awesome features in GrapeCity Documents PDF Viewer; helping you create a full-featured workflow to load, edit, design, review, and save PDF documents and forms in your applications.

Learn More

Explore the Advanced Features PDF API

Documents for PDF Documentation

Your full-fledged ASP.NET Core sample browser includes all major features, real-time PDFs, and use cases. These PDF files are generated using server-side code with GcPdf and loaded in the client-side GrapeCity JavaScript PDF Viewer. You can download individual .NET Core samples that can run as standalones in in C# and VB.Net. The demos also include full sample code in C# and VB with comments along each step for quick onboarding.

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