• Reduce Time

    • Collaborate with clients or potential customers by marking and changing important documents in real-time
    • Use comments, sticky notes, drawings, or other tools to streamline conversations and changes
    • Incorporate form fields and enforce formatting and data integrity

  • Improve Security

    • Choose who you want to edit documents with you
    • Control permissions to view and edit, and even revoke permissions
    • Protect your online collaboration with customized storage locations (see documentation)

  • Streamline Communications

    • Create new forms with free text, form fields, radio buttons, checkboxes, and other standard fields
    • Include non-standard fields, such as date or time
    • Enforce data integrity through pattern matching (phone number, date format, etc.)

  • Fewer Lines of Code

    • Easily create collaboration environments for your programs and clients
    • Feature-rich set of ready-to-use APIs
    • Easy set-up of server-side code for collaboration tool implementation

  • Reduce Errors

    • Work with customers and clients in real-time to ensure accurate information is entered the first time
    • Enforce data integrity through the use of pattern matching
    • Set required fields to avoid any missed information, provide feedback to the user/customer in real-time

How Does Collaboration Work?


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