• Confidential Content

    Safely and efficiently apply redaction to remove content access for confidential or selected material. The content is removed entirely from PDF and cannot be copied or pasted to any other document.

  • Application

    Use a single line of code to redact individual or multiple areas of text or images, all at one time.

  • Online PDF Viewer

    Apply redaction properties on one or several areas marked for removal in our JavaScript GrapeCity Documents for PDF Viewer. Copy and paste are disabled after content is redacted.

  • Find and Redact

    Find specific text, words, or phrases in one or more PDF documents that contain searchable text and mark it for redaction and removal.

Overlay Text and Color

Want to apply text like "Confidential" or redaction with some color? Apply OverlayText and OverlayFillColor properties that will appear over the redacted content, once removed or blocked out from the PDF.

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Send for Redaction

Apply MarkFillColor and MarkBorderColor properties to mark confidential areas for redaction.

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Repeat Overlay Text

Apply repeated text over redacted content using OverlayTextRepeat.

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Additional Resources

How to Redact Content from PDF Documents in C#

GrapeCity Documents for PDF (GcPdf) is a cross-platform library used to create, analyze, and modify PDF documents. We are pleased to announce the release of GcPdf v3.1, which allows users to redact and remove content from PDFs.

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Mark and Apply Redaction Annotation

When you mark the redact area, a marking or highlight appears in the place of content to show that the region has been marked for redaction. With GcPdf class library, you can find all instances of texts and mark the content for redaction.

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