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In This Topic
    BuildingBlockGallery Enumeration
    In This Topic
    Specifies a building block gallery.
    Public Enum BuildingBlockGallery 
       Inherits System.Enum
    public enum BuildingBlockGallery : System.Enum 
    Any All galleries.
    AutoText AutoText gallery.
    Bibliography Bibliography gallery.
    CoverPage Cover page gallery.
    Custom1 Custom 1 gallery.
    Custom2 Custom 2 gallery.
    Custom3 Custom 3 gallery.
    Custom4 Custom 4 gallery.
    Custom5 Custom 5 gallery.
    CustomAutoText Custom autoText gallery.
    CustomBibliography Custom bibliography gallery.
    CustomCoverPage Custom cover page gallery.
    CustomEquation Custom equation gallery.
    CustomFooter Custom footer gallery.
    CustomHeaders Custom header gallery.
    CustomPageNumber Custom page number gallery.
    CustomPageNumberBottom Custom page number at bottom gallery.
    CustomPageNumberMargin Custom page number at margins gallery.
    CustomPageNumberTop Custom page number at top gallery.
    CustomQuickParts Custom quick parts gallery.
    CustomTable Custom table gallery.
    CustomTableOfContents Custom table of contents gallery.
    CustomTextBox Custom text box gallery.
    CustomWatermark Custom watermark gallery.
    Default No gallery classification.
    DocumentPart Document parts gallery.
    Equation Equations gallery.
    Footer Footers gallery.
    Header Headers gallery.
    PageNumber Page numbers gallery.
    PageNumberBottom Page numbers at bottom gallery.
    PageNumberMargins Page numbers at margins gallery.
    PageNumberTop Page Numbers at top gallery.
    Placeholder Content control placeholder text gallery.
    Table Table gallery.
    TableOfContents Table of contents gallery.
    TextBox Text box gallery.
    WaterMark Watermark gallery.
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