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In This Topic
    AlwaysHidden Property
    In This Topic
    Gets or sets a value indicating whether the given run shall always behave as if it is hidden, even when hidden text is being displayed in the current document.
    Public Property AlwaysHidden As System.Boolean
    public System.bool AlwaysHidden {get; set;}
    This property shall only be used to specify that a paragraph mark shall never be used to break the end of a paragraph for display, even if it is being shown on the document, as would be the case if a regularly hidden paragraph was not being displayed in the document. This property was typically used to ensure that a paragraph style can be applied to a part of a paragraph, and still appear as in the Table of Contents (which in previous word processors would ignore the use of the style if it were being used as a character style. If this font property is applied to any other run, it can be ignored.
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