Documents for Word, .NET Edition
GrapeCity.Documents.Word Assembly / GrapeCity.Documents.Word Namespace / GcWordDocument Class / SplitDocument Method / SplitDocument(RangeBase[]) Method
An array of ranges in the current document.

In This Topic
    SplitDocument(RangeBase[]) Method
    In This Topic
    Splits the current document into several documents based on specified ranges, using FormattingCopyStrategy.Copy to preserve formatting of the source document.
    Public Overloads Function SplitDocument( _
       ByVal ParamArray splitRanges() As RangeBase _
    ) As System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable(Of GcWordDocument)
    public System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable<GcWordDocument> SplitDocument( 
       params RangeBase[] splitRanges


    An array of ranges in the current document.

    Return Value

    A collection of documents created according to the specified splitRanges.
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