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In This Topic
    GeometryType Enumeration
    In This Topic
    Specifies the geometry type of a shape.
    Public Enum GeometryType 
       Inherits System.Enum
    public enum GeometryType : System.Enum 
    AccentBorderCallout1 Callout 1 with Border and Accent Shape.
    AccentBorderCallout2 Callout 2 with Border and Accent Shape.
    AccentBorderCallout3 Callout 3 with Border and Accent Shape.
    AccentCallout1 Callout 1 Shape.
    AccentCallout2 Callout 2 Shape.
    AccentCallout3 Callout 3 Shape.
    ActionButtonBackPrevious Back or Previous Button Shape.
    ActionButtonBeginning Beginning Button Shape.
    ActionButtonBlank Blank Button Shape.
    ActionButtonDocument Document Button Shape.
    ActionButtonEnd End Button Shape.
    ActionButtonForwardNext Forward or Next Button Shape.
    ActionButtonHelp Help Button Shape.
    ActionButtonHome Home Button Shape.
    ActionButtonInformation Information Button Shape.
    ActionButtonMovie Movie Button Shape.
    ActionButtonReturn Return Button Shape.
    ActionButtonSound Sound Button Shape.
    Arc Curved Arc Shape.
    BentArrow Bent Arrow Shape.
    BentConnector2 Bent Connector 2 Shape.
    BentConnector3 Bent Connector 3 Shape.
    BentConnector4 Bent Connector 4 Shape.
    BentConnector5 Bent Connector 5 Shape.
    BentUpArrow Bent Up Arrow Shape.
    Bevel Bevel Shape.
    BlockArc Block Arc Shape.
    BorderCallout1 Callout 1 with Border Shape.
    BorderCallout2 Callout 2 with Border Shape.
    BorderCallout3 Callout 3 with Border Shape.
    BracePair Brace Pair Shape.
    BracketPair Bracket Pair Shape.
    Callout1 Callout 1 Shape.
    Callout2 Callout 2 Shape.
    Callout3 Callout 3 Shape.
    Can Can Shape.
    ChartPlus Chart Plus Shape.
    ChartStar Chart Star Shape.
    ChartX Chart X Shape.
    Chevron Chevron Shape.
    Chord Chord Shape.
    CircularArrow Circular Arrow Shape.
    Cloud Cloud Shape.
    CloudCallout Callout Cloud Shape.
    Corner Corner Shape.
    CornerTabs Corner Tabs Shape.
    Cube Cube Shape.
    CurvedConnector2 Curved Connector 2 Shape.
    CurvedConnector3 Curved Connector 3 Shape.
    CurvedConnector4 Curved Connector 4 Shape.
    CurvedConnector5 Curved Connector 5 Shape.
    CurvedDownArrow Curved Down Arrow Shape.
    CurvedLeftArrow Curved Left Arrow Shape.
    CurvedRightArrow Curved Right Arrow Shape.
    CurvedUpArrow Curved Up Arrow Shape.
    Custom Custom shape geometry.
    Decagon Decagon Shape.
    DiagonalStripe Diagonal Stripe Shape.
    Diamond Diamond Shape.
    Dodecagon Dodecagon Shape.
    Donut Donut Shape.
    DoubleWave Double Wave Shape.
    DownArrow Down Arrow Shape.
    DownArrowCallout Callout Down Arrow Shape.
    Ellipse Ellipse Shape.
    EllipseRibbon Ellipse Ribbon Shape.
    EllipseRibbon2 Ellipse Ribbon 2 Shape.
    FlowChartAlternateProcess Alternate Process Flow Shape.
    FlowChartCollate Collate Flow Shape.
    FlowChartConnector Connector Flow Shape.
    FlowChartDecision Decision Flow Shape.
    FlowChartDelay Delay Flow Shape.
    FlowChartDisplay Display Flow Shape.
    FlowChartDocument Document Flow Shape.
    FlowChartExtract Extract Flow Shape.
    FlowChartInputOutput Input Output Flow Shape.
    FlowChartInternalStorage Internal Storage Flow Shape.
    FlowChartMagneticDisk Magnetic Disk Flow Shape.
    FlowChartMagneticDrum Magnetic Drum Flow Shape.
    FlowChartMagneticTape Magnetic Tape Flow Shape.
    FlowChartManualInput Manual Input Flow Shape.
    FlowChartManualOperation Manual Operation Flow Shape.
    FlowChartMerge Merge Flow Shape.
    FlowChartMultidocument Multi-Document Flow Shape.
    FlowChartOfflineStorage Offline Storage Flow Shape.
    FlowChartOffpageConnector Off-Page Connector Flow Shape.
    FlowChartOnlineStorage Online Storage Flow Shape.
    FlowChartOr Or Flow Shape.
    FlowChartPredefinedProcess Predefined Process Flow Shape.
    FlowChartPreparation Preparation Flow Shape.
    FlowChartProcess Process Flow Shape.
    FlowChartPunchedCard Punched Card Flow Shape.
    FlowChartPunchedTape Punched Tape Flow Shape.
    FlowChartSort Sort Flow Shape.
    FlowChartSummingJunction Summing Junction Flow Shape.
    FlowChartTerminator Terminator Flow Shape.
    FoldedCorner Folded Corner Shape.
    Frame Frame Shape.
    Funnel Funnel Shape.
    Gear6 Gear 6 Shape.
    Gear9 Gear 9 Shape.
    HalfFrame Half Frame Shape.
    Heart Heart Shape.
    Heptagon Heptagon Shape.
    Hexagon Hexagon Shape.
    HomePlate Home Plate Shape.
    HorizontalScroll Horizontal Scroll Shape.
    IrregularSeal1 Irregular Seal 1 Shape.
    IrregularSeal2 Irregular Seal 2 Shape.
    LeftArrow Left Arrow Shape.
    LeftArrowCallout Callout Left Arrow Shape.
    LeftBrace Left Brace Shape.
    LeftBracket Left Bracket Shape.
    LeftCircularArrow Left Circular Arrow Shape.
    LeftRightArrow Left Right Arrow Shape.
    LeftRightArrowCallout Callout Left Right Arrow Shape.
    LeftRightCircularArrow Left Right Circular Arrow Shape.
    LeftRightRibbon Left Right Ribbon Shape.
    LeftRightUpArrow Left Right Up Arrow Shape.
    LeftUpArrow Left Up Arrow Shape.
    LightningBolt Lightning Bolt Shape.
    Line Line Shape.
    LineInverse Line Inverse Shape.
    MathDivide Divide Math Shape.
    MathEqual Equal Math Shape.
    MathMinus Minus Math Shape.
    MathMultiply Multiply Math Shape.
    MathNotEqual Not Equal Math Shape.
    MathPlus Plus Math Shape.
    Moon Moon Shape.
    NonIsoscelesTrapezoid Non-Isosceles Trapezoid Shape.
    NoSmoking No Smoking Shape.
    NotchedRightArrow Notched Right Arrow Shape.
    Octagon Octagon Shape.
    Parallelogram Parallelogram Shape.
    Pentagon Pentagon Shape.
    Pie Pie Shape.
    PieWedge Pie Wedge Shape.
    Plaque Plaque Shape.
    PlaqueTabs Plaque Tabs Shape.
    Plus Plus Shape.
    QuadArrow Quad-Arrow Shape.
    QuadArrowCallout Callout Quad-Arrow Shape.
    Rectangle Rectangle Shape.
    Ribbon Ribbon Shape.
    Ribbon2 Ribbon 2 Shape.
    RightArrow Right Arrow Shape.
    RightArrowCallout Callout Right Arrow Shape.
    RightBrace Right Brace Shape.
    RightBracket Right Bracket Shape.
    RightTriangle Right Triangle Shape.
    Round1Rectangle One Round Corner Rectangle Shape.
    Round2DiagonalRectangle Two Diagonal Round Corner Rectangle Shape.
    Round2SameRectangle Two Same-side Round Corner Rectangle Shape.
    RoundRectangle Round Corner Rectangle Shape.
    SmileyFace Smiley Face Shape.
    Snip1Rectangle One Snip Corner Rectangle Shape.
    Snip2DiagonalRectangle Two Diagonal Snip Corner Rectangle Shape.
    Snip2SameRectangle Two Same-side Snip Corner Rectangle Shape.
    SnipRoundRectangle One Snip One Round Corner Rectangle Shape.
    SquareTabs Square Tabs Shape.
    Star10 Ten Pointed Star Shape.
    Star12 Twelve Pointed Star Shape.
    Star16 Sixteen Pointed Star Shape.
    Star24 Twenty Four Pointed Star Shape.
    Star32 Thirty Two Pointed Star Shape.
    Star4 Four Pointed Star Shape.
    Star5 Five Pointed Star Shape.
    Star6 Six Pointed Star Shape.
    Star7 Seven Pointed Star Shape.
    Star8 Eight Pointed Star Shape.
    StraightConnector1 Straight Connector 1 Shape.
    StripedRightArrow Striped Right Arrow Shape.
    Sun Sun Shape.
    SwooshArrow Swoosh Arrow Shape.
    Teardrop Teardrop Shape.
    Trapezoid Trapezoid Shape.
    Triangle Triangle Shape.
    UpArrow Up Arrow Shape.
    UpArrowCallout Callout Up Arrow Shape.
    UpDownArrow Up Down Arrow Shape.
    UpDownArrowCallout Callout Up Down Arrow Shape.
    UTurnArrow U-Turn Arrow Shape.
    VerticalScroll Vertical Scroll Shape.
    Wave Wave Shape.
    WedgeEllipseCallout Callout Wedge Ellipse Shape.
    WedgeRectangleCallout Callout Wedge Rectangle Shape.
    WedgeRoundRectangleCallout Callout Wedge Round Rectangle Shape.
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