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GrapeCity.Documents.Word Assembly / GrapeCity.Documents.Word Namespace / LastRenderedPageBreak Class

In This Topic
    LastRenderedPageBreak Class
    In This Topic
    Represents the position delimited the end of a page when this document was last saved by an application which paginates its content.
    Object Model
    LastRenderedPageBreak Class
    Public Class LastRenderedPageBreak 
       Inherits Text
       Implements GrapeCity.Documents.Word.IBrowsable(Of Text) 
    public class LastRenderedPageBreak : Text, GrapeCity.Documents.Word.IBrowsable<Text>  
    This class must be used by applications to specify the locations of page breaks within a document when it is saved, in order to allow other applications (e.g. assistive software) to utilize this information when reading the document.
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